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Computer Services in Midland, TX You depend on your network and computer to assist you supply service to your customers. In today's economy a productive workforce, protecting your data, and IT assets is a key element to maintaining your competitive edge. Tall City Techs realizes that maintaining technology in a tiny to mid-sized business is a critical yet often difficult and demanding commitment. Our mission is to relieve our customers of that cumbersome burden and let you focus on running the business.

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read moreRhett was born and raised right here in Midland, Texas. Rhett worked for several years as a Network administrator for a local land services company and enjoys the challenges IT work often brings. He has a wife and a new child on the way. Shane was born here in Midland, Texas and has held a variety of positions including owning a small Customer Relations Management consulting business located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Shane recently returned to live in Midland and has a wife and four children. We are West Texas born and raised and understand the West Texas way of doing business.
Business Networking
read moreIf you are tired of your, slow, unreliable existing network we can help you and your business. You're depending your IT assets to help you better serve your customers and in today's marketplace topnotch service is a must. A quick, reliable, secure network does more than handle your data. It enables each employee in the network to become more efficient and provide a higher quality service to your clients.
Business Backup
read moreEvery year thousands of businesses are forced to close their doors due to natural disasters. However, natural disasters are not the only threat your data may face. Consider the effect of a fire, minor flood, broken water line, lighting strike, or hardware failure on your business. Is your data safe and secure? SBA research shows that at least 25% of businesses that close for the above reasons never reopen and those that do often struggle to stay in business.
Home Networking
read moreThere two different options when considering a home network. Ethernet and wireless networks each offer there own advantages. A wired ethernet network moves large amounts of data quickly and can be secured quite easily. The down side is that the costs of the cable and time it takes to snake the cable though existing walls makes this option more expensive. Wireless networks are the easiest, least expensive way to network your home computers. Wireless networks use radio waves instead of cables which makes the options for this type of network almost limitless.
Paperless Office
read moreAll though it is difficult to imagine an office that is completely void of paper, Small to Medium sized businesses are more agile and well positioned to capitalize on paperless technology. Businesses that incorporate paperless technology can eliminate paper from business activities and create a seamless, easily accessible index that will streamline workflow. Going paperless can help improve workflow, increase the productivity of your office staff, help you provide better customer service while lowering your expenses.
Data Recovery
read moreIf you have a proper backup plan you should rarely need to perform any data recovery. However, accidents do happen. Sometimes files get overwritten, outlook files get lost, or files are accidentally deleted. Although no one can guarantee that these files can be recovered we have been successful in recovering files that others thought impossible.
read moreToday's home networks can be just as sophisticated and complex as a business network. Networking your home can become a complex and time consuming project if you are not sure what your are doing, and if you don't get it right you could leave your computers and data open to attacks from viruses, spyware, adware and other malicious Internet threats, including hackers. The internet is a wonderful tool, but are you worried about what your children may access while you're not looking. Maybe you installed a monitoring system and your kids have found away around it.
Business PC Support
read moreNow your spending more time opening your documents and programs than you do actually working on them. Over time your computer gets bogged down with old files, programs, and registry entries that are not longer used.
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