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Credit & Debt Services in Houston, TX The interest on the loan accrues daily so you will only pay interest for the amount of time you need it. If you only need to borrow money for two days, you only pay two days worth of interest; thats it! There are no prepayment penalties. , any amount you pay over and above the interest that accrues will go toward the loan principal and reduce the balance. Since interest is calculated on the principal balance, your payments will go down as you reduce the balance. Again, the total amount of interest you pay on your short term loan is up to you.

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read moreDollar Loan Center (DLC) was founded in 1998 by Charles "Chuck" Brennan who is still the majority owner of the company as well as being the Founder/CEO. With his strong background in the financial services industry, Chuck recognized that there was a better way to make short-term loans than the typical payday loan (flat-fee for holding a post-dated check for a fixed period).The business model was simple, offer customers a signature loan (no check or other collateral, simple interest - the interest accrues daily and does not compound).
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read moreNo Fees! In Utah our online loans fund between $100-$5000. We offer Utah installment loans with flexible payment plans - YOU choose when your payments are due, based upon when you receive your paycheck. When you make your payment, something is always being paid towards your principal, saving you money on the interest being paid! With your Utah installment loan, you can make your principal and interest payment, based upon the date you receive your paycheck, until your loan is paid in full. You can pay your Utah installment loans all at once, make minimum payments, or increase your payments so that you can pay down your loan more quickly, reducing your interest fees.
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