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Law Firm in Houston, TX Attorney Andrew Bayley understands that as a Houston divorce attorney he must service his client by being both a compassionate legal advisor and a zealous defender of his clients rights. Andrew Bayley understands that because of whats at stake for his clients that he must aggressively fight his clients legal rights. But he also understands that due to the emotionally charged nature of family law cases a family attorney needs not only to be a fighter but must also be a compassionate counselor, who can help his clients navigate through the emotionally charged issues to achieve the best results for both the clients and their children.
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Family Law
read moreYou can turn to The Bayley Law Firm for help with a broad range of family law concerns, including:

Uncontested, contested and high net worth divorce
Property division of high-value assets and business interests
Child custody and visitation
Interstate custody issues
Child support and spousal support
Custody and support modifications, post-judgment
Prenuptial agreements
Civil Litigation
read moreMr. Bayley represents owners of businesses large, small and mid-sized, who face a wide range of contentious legal issues, such as:

Personal injury claims
Contract disputes and drafting
Dissolution disputes (business divorce)
Debt and collections disputes
Commercial landlord-tenant disputes
Other types of commercial litigation
Real estate transactions
Sales and secured transactions
Construction-related matters
Mortgages, consumer credit and negotiable instruments


Walla Mourad
read moreI cannot express enough how happy I am to have had Yalda and Andrew Bayley as my divorce attorneys! They were affordable and worked with me to get divorced as quickly as possible all while looking out for my best interest with my three boys. I am fortunate to have found them and hope that anyone who goes through a divorce hired them to assist in something so difficult as this. They were always there to answer my phone calls and ease my mind when I felt unsettled. That says a lot that they care for the client and there well being to not worry and you really shouldnt because they Handel EVERYTHING. Thank you Bayley Law Firm!
Wanda Porch
read moreI hired Andrew Baley because of a lien that was placed on my home by a contractor from Hurricane Harvey. My first attorney was lazy and money hungry. He lied about his capabilities, and kept charging me a lot money for services he couldn't do. I fired him and hired Andrew. This bad boy took my case to court and had the lien removed because it was invalid. Andrew is knowledgeable in other areas of the law not just divorce or family law but constructional law which includes contracts and liens. His prices are reasonable, and he is very honest. I am so grateful for him. My contractor walked away with less money. My contractor's attorney is a well known high power attorney, but Andrew was still able to prove his negligence and remove the lien. He has a good heart and works very hard for his clients. Thank you so much! Andrew because of your honesty and caring heart, you are going to be very successful in life. God Bless, you
Brooks Graul
read moreAndrew and Dan assisted my wife and me in our mediation and divorce, providing a practical analysis and common-sense settlement and custody agreement. It was emotional and difficult, but produced a solution that best supported our family. I recommend consulting with the firm if you have a family and are preparing for divorce.
Megan Cook
read moreAndy is not the typical attorney. He isn't driven by money and he doesn't charge for every little thing. I have been in a horrific custody battle for years and he is my 3rd attorney. If he had been my first attorney, I know this nightmare would be over.
If I didn't have him with me right now, I would be lost. He checks on me, encourages me, supports me when I am discouraged and is a pit bull in protecting and defending me. Andy is just one of the most incredible human being I have been blessed to have with me in the hardest, most painful and scariest time in my life. I don't trust easily but I have been able to trust him to protect the most important person in the world to me, my child.
If you need or want an attorney who will fight for your rights as a parent, protect you from being bullied by "the system", and truly put your child's and your needs first, Andy is the man and attorney for you. I can't say enough how incredible he is as a person and as an attorney. He is amazing and the real deal. Your only regret will be if you don't retain him. You will be in the best of hands.
Matt E.
read moreAndrew and the entire firm are well skilled lawyers and legal professionals. I had the pleasure of working with Andrew as my attorney on a very complex and emotionally charged divorce involving a custody aspect. As a male with an infant involved, I was highly concerned that I had the counsel I felt the most comfortable with. In fact, when I first discussed my case with Andrew, I already had a lawyer on retainer. I was so impressed by Andrews approach that I moved the case to his firm and have not regretted that decision once.

Along with giving great legal counsel, Andrew kept me calm throughout a very emotionally draining case by explaining what did and did not matter what was and what was not worth caring about. He helped me be reasonable when times were difficult and he helped me stay strong when presented with tough decisions. I would highly recommend Andrew and the rest of Bayley Law Firm as legal counsel.
Gregg Snear
read moreIm still emotional from the outcome of our case, but I will do the best I can. My Fianc is in the middle of one of the dirtiest custody battles. Andrew and his team did an outstanding job preparing for the case. They listened to us and they were patient. I didnt feel like they were trying to rush through our case at all. I didnt feel like just another client. Andrew and Daniel and everybody there were knowledgeable about our case. They could remember all of the details. When it came to the court date, Dan and Andrew were there, early, and ready. They fought hard in the courtroom. I could tell they did their homework. Andrew is knowledgeable about the Harris county court system and he knows how to get your case seen by the right people. We got the outcome that we wanted, but even if we didnt, I was very pleased with their performance in the courtroom. I have experienced bad attorneys and I am proud to say Ive found a firm who works as a team and treats us like humans. Their prices are very affordable for the work that they put in. You cannot go wrong with The Bayley Law Firm. Thanks team!
Trachelle Robinson
read moreWhen I say Great! Andrew has helped me with my grandson custody battle. He was very informative and walked me through the process. Patient and did what was in the best interest of my grandson. He never gave up and because of that I will be eternally appreciative. If your a parent or in my case grandparent and you have someone being selfish and shady call him he will be a great choice
Thank you Andrew
Travis Payne
read moreI personally cannot say enough about how impressed and beyond grateful I am, as well as my family, to Mr. Bayley. He has proven himself time and time again to be both honest and dedicated as an attorney and as a genuinely good person. As a client I feel completely comfortable and assured that he has and continues to do the best job possible to represent my case and I have since recommended (and will continue to do so) his services to anyone needing representation. Mr. Bayley is fair, diligent, and very knowledgeable in the realm of family law and personally as someone who has interacted with many attorneys both via my own profession and for personal matters Mr. Bayley is in my opinion hands down among the best. While many people remain in monetary debt to their lawyers, I will forever remain in one of gratitude to him.
Fred Stevenson
read moreHave personally used this firm for several years. Extremely knowledgeable as well as personable staff. Look no further! Trust your legal matters with Andy and his team.
Natalie Arbaiza
read moreHands down he was the best ive never expirienced any involvement with lawyers but he made the process very easy he explained everything to me he even went as far as giving me a court date within 2 weeks i love him for giving me rights to the most important thing in the world, my children his in thw best interest in the child and i just have nothing but good words to say about this man bless his heart i was a single mother in need and he definitely reached out. Thanks a million words will never be enough on how andrew bayley helped me out . definitely will be using him in the future
Josh Young
read moreHonestly, the firm acted Immediately. For starters I called Attorney Yalda as I was leaving my original court date and she was eager to hear and represent my case. Attorney Yalda accepted what I could pay and set a timely pay plan. From the looks of my situation all odds were against me yet Attoney Yalda assured me she was confident in moving forward with whatever I wanted. I went From combining divorce, child support, and modification into Gaining custody. Her price was extremely reasonable. All partners at the firm also showed love and interest in assisting with any questions and reassurance. On behalf of my family to the entire firm WE ARE PLEASED TO BE YOUR CLIENT and WE THANK YOU GUYS VERY MUCH FOR EVERYTHING!
Andy Caylor
Mar 25, 2021
Much thanks to Yalda for being so much help! Was able to turn a very hostile situation into something manageable. Started as a seemingly hopeless situation and now I get close to three full days weekly with my daughter. Gave a father his daughter and a baby girl a dad!
Value for Money
Service & Support
Carlos Francisco
Jun 02, 2017
Five stars to Mr. Andrew Bayley┬┤s firm
My case was a challenging one because I was trying to switch the primary custody of my son from my ex wife to me.
I found Mr. Bayley on an internet search an we talked a few minutes on the phone. One of the exceptional skills of Mr. Bayley is that he can remember almost every detail of each of the many conversations we had.
But having a good memory is only one of the multiple qualities of this man.He also has a deep knowledge of the laws and legal procedures, besides that Mr. Bayley is very kind and personable and will take the time to listen to every detail on your case.
Some lawyers do not want to commit on winning a case, but when Mr. Bayley listened my case on the phone he said: We will win.
And we won.
Every step on the procedure was followed by him with extreme care and precision. Every move was done on a planned strategy. As a master of chess, he was moving every piece with intelligence, prudence and patience until get the final jaque mate.
I want to thank God for puttin in my way such fine and exceptional person. With these intelligence and good heart he could be a good scientist at NASA or a preacher of your church.
Also Mr. Daniel Bayley was the best person at the office for us. Always diligent.Always alert, and always reminding me about court dates or every issue related to our case. Excellent team!
Value for Money
Service & Support


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