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Business Services in Wilmington, MA 9 out of 10 businesses fail due to lack of customers and 9 out of 10 visitors leave your website without contacting your business. When your business needs more customers, we provide a proprietary technology that can double the number of qualified leads generated from your business website. Our automated agent will greet your website visitors, find out what they need and send that information to you or a member of your team. Because our service is based on AI, there is no need to man a chat window or manage human agents. Our service is highly effective and works 24hrs day generating qualified leads for pennies per hour.
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Quick Capture Agent
read moreFor businesses that have website traffic and receive leads now but would love more, a Quick Capture Agent is a solution that allows you to convert a significant number of your website visitors into leads. The best part is that if you have some existing website traffic all you need to do is place our Quick Capture Agent on your site. Our technology engages your website visitors and turns them into leads automatically.


Rick Alford, President
read moreMy Thinking Chat Virtual Sensei has been an excellent resource for capturing quality leads from my website. My Virtual Sensei is beating my old lead capture method 2 to 1.
Brandon Crowley, Visual Web Group, Inc.
read moreIm an internet marketer who specializes in the medical field and Im always looking for cutting edge technology that helps connect my clients with more patients using their website. I highly recommend a Quick Capture Agent from Thinking Chat as its a very cost-effective way to grow your new patient inquiries quickly and easily
Dr. Arnie Glatter, Spinal Decompression Centre
read moreThinking Chat provides a steady stream of high quality leads that convert to customers.
Michael Crump, McBain Systems
read moreI love the fact that our Quick Capture Agent is capturing leads while our competition is sleeping.


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Thinking Chat
read moreOur automated chat agents ("chabots") use artificial intelligence to provide your business with a steady stream of qualified leads at a fraction of human labor costs. Thinking Chat bots have been proven to provide a 2-5x increase in lead generation for businesses ranging from complex infrared inspection systems to local martial arts studios. Don't let the vast majority of your website visitors slip away without ever contacting your business! According to eCommerce Quarterly more than 95 out of 100 visitors to the average website will leave and never return.
About Us
read moreOur primary vision is to make the sales and support process faster and more efficient for everyone. Founder & CEO, Jay Rice, created ThinkingChat™ to help process sales leads for high tech equipment. During his experience as a tech CEO and entrepreneur in the industrial imaging industry Jay supplied over $20 million worth of advanced imaging technology to large government, military and industrial customers such as: the U.S. Army, Naval Intelligence, Intel, and NASA. In the industrial imaging industry the technology and the sales cycle is long and complex.
Thinking Chat B2B Bot
read moreFor B2B companies with active websites of at least 500 visitors per month that currently collect leads through contact forms but are not satisfied with their existing website leads, a Quick Capture Agent™ from Thinking Chat is a great option to consider. When a Quick Capture Agent™ is added to a B2B website the quality and quantity of prospective customers can increase dramatically. Unlike live chat which is intrusive and expensive, a Quick Capture Agent is automated and provides a cost-effective 24 hour website lead capture solution.
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