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As web developers, one of the most frequent questions that customers ask us is Will we be capable to update our website's content on our own? The answer is Yes. One of our specialties is creating custom content management systems (CMS) which enable non-technical individuals to speedily and easily update website content. There are several items to discuss though, before jumping head-1st into the CMS swimming pool. Some website owners will request a CMS that will allow them to manage ALL the content on a website, and while we can certainly implement an off-the-shelf content management system.

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Torx Media
read moreOur professionally-designed websites ooze curb-appeal that captures and keeps the attention of your target audience. Our customized digital marketing campaigns generate increased traffic to your website via social media, content marketing and email marketing initiatives. Ongoing reporting and fine-tuning enable campaigns to generate measurable increased return on investment. We have used Torx for all of our marketing and website needs at Surgical Associates of Richmond. They have done an outstanding job for us and we would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for professional marketing and internet traffic expertise.
About Us
read moreTorx is a full-service digital marketing agency, located in historic Richmond, Virginia. We build websites of all shapes and sizes for businesses of all shapes and sizes. We also develop and manage compelling digital marketing campaigns that result in qualified leads, successful conversions, and ultimately, increased sales and revenue for our clients and partners. All of our team members are incredibly reliable, and we have an uncanny ability to explain highly technical concepts in an easy-to-comprehend manner.
Social Media Marketing in Richmond
read moreYou know social media matters because everyone uses it, and you probably know that your business should be using it, too. Social media marketing is part science and part art, carried out in a user-friendly space that emphasizes the importance of two-way communication. Social media platforms are great places for businesses to spark genuine conversations with their customers, while empowering those customers to make themselves heard. It's an opportunity for brands to show that they care about more than just conversions, and for many consumers, that matters a lot.
Branding and Digital Marketing
read moreYou have a great business plan, and you're excited to start the process of getting your new website online and noticed. But before even considering the launch of a new website for your business, it's very important to consider your company's corporate identity and branding. Your brand begins with a name, symbol or design that identifies your company, and its good and services, from those of your competitors. Your brand will be something that your customers come to recognize and remember. A successful brand will help your customers understand and appreciate why your company stands out from the competition.
Digital Marketing Agency in Richmond
read moreWe live, work and spend in a 24-hour, media-driven world. Consumers today are savvier than ever before, and they fully expect the businesses and services they use to keep up with their preferences. Digital marketing is no longer an extra feature or luxury service that companies can do without - it should, and will, become an integrated part of business as usual. Digital marketing is an umbrella term that encompasses the various tools and methods businesses can use to find and connect with customers online.
Content Marketing and Inbound Marketing
read moreContent marketing takes many different forms: Blog posts, podcasts, videos, SlideShare presentations, infographics, etc. But the strategy is simple: Businesses can attract potential customers, and retain repeat customers, by creating something valuable and sharing it for free. For example, some brands do this by writing blog posts or e-books with useful information that customers want, while others create interesting videos or interactive content to entertain. Smart brands also share great content from other brands, because they're more interested in keeping their customers engaged than fruitlessly promoting themselves over and over.
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