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Law Firm in San Antonio, TX Established in 2010, the Patrick Toscano Law Firm specializes in personal injury cases in San Antonio, Texas. Whether you've been hurt in a car accident, a construction accident or because of medical malpractice, you may be entitled to reimbursement for medical bills or lost wages and lost future earnings if you cannot go back to work after your accident.
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Car Accident Lawyer
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Faye Miller
read moreI had a serious problem concerning family. I saw Patrick Toscano's page with his personal phone number. He, not his assistant nor secretary, answered immediately. After a short discussion he told me what he could do for me then suggested we meet at MY convenience; no appointment, no waiting time, he was ready to help right away., When I met him he had already started the necessary paperwork. I have never had an attorney be so quick, efficient, and ready to go,. Mr Toscano's phone number is now in my contact file and he will be the first person I call to solve any future legal problems or questions.
Sergio Arellano
read moreAt a time that I had suspected that justice would not be served for a situation as common as mine, Patrick Toscano was introduced to me by my father. Without a doubt I immediately began to acknowledge him as a professional and eager man. He worked diligently to assure that my case was handled and resolved in the correct way. I had a lot more hope for my case than I initially felt because I had complete trust in Patrick that he would get me as much medical help and compensation that I deserved and of course he did just that! I have so much gratitude towards Patrick and I recommend anyone to consider working along side this man.
Theresa Irelan Valdez
read moreI had a serious problem concerning my daughter. When I contacted him he let us know what we needed to do, or should I say what he was going to do for us. So I gave him all the information and he made a couple of phone calls and the matter was resolved in our favor!
Ryan Arevalos
read moreI was hesitant to contact a lawyer about being rear ended in a vehicle accident. I reached out to the Toscano Law Firm for some advice. I was immediately put in contact with Patrick. We discussed my case in which Patrick advised me that I needed to seek medical attention for my injury. Patricks team took care of the rest! I made it to all my rehab appointments and now Im back to 100%! In addition to providing excellent customer service Patrick fought for more compensation for me and my family than I expected from the insurance company. I will never hesitate again if put in the same situation. I was so pleased with the experience I have referred several coworkers to Patrick. If needed I will always go back to the Patrick Toscano Law Firm.
James H.
read moreGreat staff. Always there to answer questions at any time. Very happy with my settlement.
Dara Clow
read moreI was involved in a car accident and hit by a distracted driver. I tried for almost two years to settle the claim myself. After beating my head against the wall and being treated as though I had nothing to claim by the other driver's insurance I found Patrick Toscano who stepped in and made everything easy. The case finally settled and I couldn't be happier. Mr. Toscano and his team treated me with respect, kept me well informed and made me feel from the beginning that everything was going to be alright...and it was. My sincerest gratitude to Patrick and his team!
Joe Martinez
read moreThank you to Mr. Patrick Toscano and the law office staff. It was an extreme privilege and honor to have had them on my side during challenging times. They were always extremely helpful and considerate of all associated needs from beginning to end. From the questions to the concerns, the staff was always available in addressing essential issues in a timely and effective manner. The entire team always maintained a true professional spirit and I was very grateful to have met them.
Nadia Villarreal
read moreAfter meeting Patrick Toscano for my initial consultation, I knew I was in good hands. He took the time to explain everything that would or could occur during my case. I like that he was clear and up front with expectations. I knew fighting my own insurance company would be a battle but I didn't realize how much, Mr. Toscano and his very trusted assistant Maria were efficient in keeping me informed through out the whole process and I never felt as though I had to do any of the leg work. They took care of retrieving what ever was needed to win my case. I would use him again and highly recommend.
Roland Quintanilla
read morePatrick Toscano law firm has helped me on several occasions. I have recommended in the past to friends and family members, and I will continue to recommend.
Sharon C.
read moreWhen you are faced with unexpected challenges, especially in a crisis, knowing where to start can be overwhelming. Finding someone you can trust is undoubtedly scary; however, I dont feel that way anymore. With Patrick Toscano I found a dependable, knowledgeable, and compassionate professional willing to help me. Patrick LISTENED to my situation, found the solution, and resolved it expeditiously. I am confident that regardless of the severity of the situation, minor or major, that I can depend on Patricks legal expertise and compassionate service to deliver the justice I need. Bottom line, Patrick is the one I trust and have recommended to all my family and friends with for their legal needs.
Albert K.
read moreMy car accident experience with Patrick Toscano was great! I was injured in a car accident and I contacted him on his cell phone and he answered. Instead of getting a calling center answering and sending me to some random lawyer, I was able to talk to him directly. He told me what to do so I could protect myself. When it came time for settlement of my case he got me all the money I felt I deserved. Because of the experience I had with him and his staff I continue to refer all my friends and family to him whenever they are injured. Thanks Mr. Toscano


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Medical Malpractice Lawyer in San
read moreMost people trust their doctors and other medical professionals to improve their condition and not make it worse. Victims of medical malpractice should learn about their rights as soon as possible. There are times when medical professionals make mistakes that can lead to severe pain, a worsening of a current illness or injury or death. A number of people or entities including your doctor, a surgeon who operated on you or even the nurse who assisted could be liable for malpractice. Any accident that could have been avoided that leads to injury or death could be considered medical malpractice.
Product Liability Lawyer in San
read moreIf you were hurt after using a product in the intended manner, you could be entitled to compensation. Contact me personally on my cell phone at 210-464-5454. If a family member is killed after using a defective product, you may be able to file a wrongful death suit on behalf of that relative. Ideally, you will seek the advice of a San Antonio product liability attorney as soon as possible as Texas law gives you two years to file a lawsuit. Literally any product that you use can pose a danger to your health and safety if it is defective.
Slip & Fall Lawyer in San Antonio
read moreAccording to the National Safety Council, there were 32,000 deaths attributed to slip-and-fall accidents in 2014. This is in addition to thousands of accidents that resulted in serious injuries. If you have been injured after falling at the mall, the grocery store or at a friend's house, you may be entitled to compensation. After seeking medical attention, it may be in your best interest to talk with Patrick Toscano, San Antonio Slip and Fall Lawyer. Determining fault in a slip-and-fall accident depends on a variety of factors unique to a given case.
San Antonio Car Accident Lawyer
read moreA car crash can have a significant impact on a person's life. Individuals may suffer from physical injuries, emotional trauma and the prospect of trying to provide for their families when they cannot work. In some cases, there may be more than one party liable for a car accident. For instance, if a commercial truck driver causes a crash, both the driver of the truck and his or her employer may be liable to pay damages. Passengers in a vehicle may file a claim against the driver of a vehicle involved in a wreck even if the passenger was riding with the person at fault for causing the collision.
Dog Bite Lawyer in San Antonio
read moreDogs are generally friendly animals that make great companions. However, if they feel scared or threatened, they have been known to attack people and other animals. If you or your child have been the victim of a dog bite, it may be a good idea to talk with Patrick Toscano, San Antonio's dog bite attorney, to learn more about your rights. Children between the ages of 5 and 9 are most likely to be bitten by a dog. Smaller children may not understand how to interact with a dog or know what signs that it may give to stay away.
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