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Plastic Surgery in New York, NY Dr. Pfeifer's philosophy is a commitment to excellence and providing each patient with a warm and personalized focus on their needs. Through patient education, we help patients make informed choices that are in their best interest. The ultimate goal is a satisfied patient with an excellent aesthetic result.

Our offices are located on Park Avenue in New York City, Great Neck, Long Island and the Hamptons in Quogue. All our locations are private, peaceful, and designed to provide patients with the highest quality care, from the consultation process through surgery and beyond.

We welcome new patient consultations and strive to maintain an open, friendly atmosphere to facilitate this crucial part of the surgery process. Youll be able to ask questions and discuss your needs, while Dr. Pfeifer can explain what options are available and what can realistically be achieved through cosmetic surgery.
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  • Manhattan, Long Island, The Hamptons
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  • Year established: 2003
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  • One of 7 Doctors in New York using Shaped Implants
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  • American Board of Plastic Surgery
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1125 5th Ave
New York, NY
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read moreWhether youre interested in a cosmetic or reconstructive breast procedure, you can be confident with Dr. Pfeifers expertise and specialized training.
read moreAt our Long Island and Manhattan offices, we offer a variety of procedures that can remove excess skin, eliminate fat, enhance body contour, and restore an attractive figure.
read moreThe characteristics of a persons face obviously play a vital role in regular social interaction and the formation of self-concept. When your external facial characteristics do not properly reflect your inner vitality, it is natural to desire an aesthetic improvement.

The unfortunate reality of aging is that prominent wrinkles, folds, pouches, and sagging skin appear first on the body part we present first the face. The signs of aging increase so gradually that many people dont even realize the changes that have taken place. Natural forces, genetics, and ones lifestyle can all contribute to this process.


Denizzie Kearns
read moreAmazing doctor and staff! Dr. Pfeifer helped me every step of the way answering my questions immediately pre and post surgery. She is professional, welcoming and meticulous, exceeding my experience. Years of back, neck, and shoulder pain and discomfort finally over!
Amanda Leigh
read moreCan't say enough good things about Dr Pfeifer and her entire staff!!! I had a rough situation that they fixed and made all better. I give them all my love!!! So much love and care❣. Paula,Denise,Raph,Kellie. Your all amazing.
Brooke Tatiana
read moreDr. Pfeifer is kind, warm , and brilliant. She takes her time with patients and makes me feel very comfortable. Denise and Maureen are great as well. Can't recommend Dr. Pfeifer highly enough.
Nalani Villanueva
read moreI am 18 years old and my chest size never increased. After I found Dr. Pfeifer she new exactly what kind of size could be placed and the size was amazing for my type of body, a size C and I got exactly what I wanted. After the process was completed I began healing very fast, Dr. Pfeifer said that I was one of her fastest healers and being a young age and getting this procedure you would assume the body heals fast which it does. I am so obsessed with my results I'm so glad I picked Dr. pfeifer, my results where phenomenal.
Alicja Wlodkowska
read moreThe stuff members were very professional and knowledgble during whole process. They explained everything step by step what will happen during the surgery and what can I expect after surgery. The office and the cleanic are very clean and very well equipped.Dr Tracy M. Pfeifer is amazing very professional and she always takes her time with a patient. Very highly recommended.
Rachele Maye
read moreDr. Tracy Pfeifer is without a doubt one of the most talented breast surgeons out there. I needed a very complicated Breast Augmentation Revision and went to 3 other incredibly reputable NYC plastic surgeons and each of them asked the names of the other doctors I was considering, and all of them recommended I go with Dr. Pfeifer. Initially I was upset because I thought they didnt want to take on a case as complicated as mine. But now I realize they were right and were just trying to do the best thing for me in placing my case in Dr. Pfeifers hands. My initial Breast Augmentation through another doctor left me with a capsular contraction and implant pockets that were completely off and left my breasts uneven and quite honestly botched. What was even more upsetting is that all the doctors were surprised at how symmetrical my breasts were before my initial surgery, because they were so not symmetrical after! When I met with Dr. Pfeifer, I was depressed and felt hopeless. She was not only sympathetic and gave me hope, but she wanted to help me. Having said that, she was also quite realistic and did not give me any false expectations. I could not be happier with my outcome. If it wasnt for her talent and willingness to take on my case I would still be horrified by my appearance and hiding my body.

Thank you Dr. Pfeifer!

Key People

Maureen Rivera
Administrative Assistant And Patient Coordinator
read moreMaureen is a native of Connecticut and has been married to her husband, Ray, for 24 years. Dr. Pfeifer has known Maureen for over 10 years, and feels very fortunate to have been able to bring her aboard in 2007. Maureen has worked in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery for 12 years, and her extensive knowledge in all areas of plastic surgery and non-surgical rejuvenation techniques makes her a great source of information for all our patients. Dr. Pfeifer relies on Maureen for the smooth day-to-day operation of her practice. We couldnt do it without her!
Judy Polhemus
Insurance Consultant And Patient Advocate
read moreMs. Judy Polhemus has worked in this field for over 17 years, including several years at Memorial Sloan Ketterings physician billing department. As such, she has extensive experience in this area. Judy works with our patients to help them maximize their insurance benefits. It gives her great pleasure to successfully negotiate the insurance maze. She is in close contact with all our insurance patients who are having procedures such as breast reduction, removal of ruptured silicone implants, and breast reconstruction. Judy is able to obtain coverage for patients who wish to go out of network, has successfully reversed denials of coverage, has obtained refunds for patients and negotiated terms favorable to our patients on many occasions.

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About Us
read moreThere are many lenders available that provide financing for cosmetic surgery and other elective medical procedures. You can sign up for monthly payments and stop waiting to get your procedure. Ask Dr. Pfeifer during your consultation or contact us for more information about the financing companies we have partnered with. Your first step to a "new you" is to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Tracy Pfeifer. You want to know that your plastic surgeon hears you, understands your vision, and has the skill and artistry to produce natural-looking, beautiful results.
Tummy Tuck NYC
read moreAbdominoplastyis a surgical procedure people commonly referred to as a "tummy tuck." The purpose of an abdominoplasty is to flatten a protruding abdomen and remove excess abdominal skin. For people who have lost weight or had a pregnancy, the tummy tuck can provide a more attractive midsection. To achieve a more attractive abdomen overall, there are various aesthetic elements that a good plastic surgeon should consider. Liposuction is often used to aid in the procedure and contour the treated areas.
Arm Lift Surgery NYC
read moreArm lift surgery is intended to reduce excess, hanging skin and tissue on a person's upper arms. Significant weight loss or aging can leave one with a large amount of hanging skin on the upper arms, causing a major cosmetic problem and sometimes embarrassment. The arm lift (also known as arm reduction or brachioplasty) can eradicate redundant skin and provide sleeker, more toned upper arms. The best candidates for an arm lift will exhibit excess skin and tissue on their upper arms with a limited amount of fat.
Cosmetic & Reconstructive Breast
read moreAs one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries ever, breast augmentation continues to satisfy women who are dissatisfied with their breast size. There are many options to consider in breast augmentation, all of which Dr. Pfeifer can explain during an in-depth consultation. Do you want saline implants or silicone breast implants? Concerned about breast augmentation scars? Topics such as these are all covered during the consultation. Mastopexy and augmentation mastopexy are options for women who have lost that youthful breast position.
Body Sculpting & Contouring NYC
read moreLiposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures available today and the medical technology continues to progress, leading to increased effectiveness and reduced downtime. However, the most important factor to consider is the surgeon, so choose a board certified plastic surgeon for your body contouring procedure. Although losing weight is an incredibly gratifying achievement, the changes in your body can be less than ideal. Excess, sagging skin can interfere with the increased mobility you have rightfully earned.
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