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Sporting Club in Vacaville, CA This matters that unlike at many studios, at Tracy's you aren't limited to only a couple days a week of groups that are for your age or level, or to only a certain day or time that a class is provided, or that you have to pay extra for you or your family to attend more or different groups if you'd like. At our schools you set your own schedule with our convenient drop-in group schedule. Come once or twice a week to learn self-defense, or come 3-6 days a week to get in great shape!

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read moreTRACY'S KARATE & MIXED MARTIAL ARTS is an expanding, dynamic organization dedicated to providing outstanding kenpo karate, jiu-jitsu, karate, tai chi, Shootfighting and other martial arts instruction in the local community, the nation and throughout the world. James Mitose and Fusae Oshita taught Kenpo Jiu-jitsu in Hawaii beginning in 1942; and Professor William K. S. Chow, a student of James Mitose, coined the name KENPO KARATE (Kempo) in 1949. Another student of James Mitose was Paul Pung, who brought kenpo to San Francisco in 1953 where he opened the first commercial kenpo karate school.
Tracy's Karate
read moreAt Tracy's all students receive private instruction as well as unlimited group instruction in their martial arts training. This is done at a cost that is no greater than group lessons alone would be at other karate & martial arts schools. There are many reasons for this, not the least of which is you can learn much faster with private instruction. Many people feel self-conscious in a group, especially when they are learning something new. They do not want to look stupid if they make a mistake. This self-consciousness detracts from learning.
Studio & Belt Testing Requirements
read moreNOTE: This is a "Rough" draft-but we wanted to get this information on the WEB as soon as possible. While surfing the internet in recent months, Mr. Tracy could not believe all of the miss-information about Kenpo Katas. The most misleading he has seen are especially about the origins and history of the Panther Set (Book Set). Historical Background: Al Tracy is the only person alive who was there when all Katas were introduced into Kenpo (with the exception of Nihanchi 1-2). Historical Note: All original Katas were developed using traditional Kenpo Self-Defense Techniques.
History of the Martial Arts
read moreA belt or sash is only a strip of colored cloth-anyone can buy any colored belt you want and wear it. Putting on a Black Belt does not make you a "black belt". Nor does holding a rank of Black Belt qualify you to be an "Instructor". What is important is your diploma awarding you a Dan or Kyu rank-which can only be awarded by those that have the authority and power to award such a rank. And no matter how high of a test fee one pays, the rank is still not valid without a signed diploma by a legitimate instructor.
Self Defense at Tracy's Karate
read moreThe Tracy System of Kenpo Jiu-Jitsu IS self-defense-it is not a sport. It is not simply a plaything like the martial arts of too many systems and styles that cannot actually be used in reality when you really need it-when your life is in danger. Since the beginning of time, unarmed fighting has for most of the Western World been little more than rough and tumble brawling. In the 19th century the Marquise of Queensberry introduced some civility into spectator fighting, and gave rise to professional boxing.
read moreFor over 40 years people who never studied Kenpo, and more recently, those who studied American Kenpo, which by its founder Ed Parker's own admission, is only about 10% Kenpo, have set themselves up as authorities on the history, origin and traditions of Kenpo. They are, however, only authorities on Kenpo guano. We have no intention of putting down either pen or sword until we have obliterated every false redaction of Kenpo history and refuted the absurd claims about its origin, founders and practitioners.
Hidden Fees & Other Karate & Martial
read moreAt many studios "extra" hidden fees (they are hidden because they are either completely undisclosed, or not clearly fully explained, when you first sign up, yet required as part of your training in order to advance in knowledge) like belt tests and/or other fees associated with advancement in levels of learning, class or skill level can double or sometimes even triple your actual training costs, adding up to hundreds or often thousands of dollars extra per family member, per year. The higher you go in training, the more expen$ive your training becomes.
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