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Insurance Company in New York, NY Travelers provides a huge range of property and casualty insurance and surety products and services to businesses, organizations and individuals in the US and in selected international markets. In addition, the firm can meet insurance requirements in more than 90 countries worldwide through our network of insurers. Products are distributed primarily through independent insurance agents and brokers. Our success is based upon our capability to supply innovative insurance and risk protection products and services in-synch with our clients' requirements.

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About Us
read moreWe are an insurance company that cares. Travelers takes on the risk and provides the coverage you need to protect the things that are important to you — your home, your car, your valuables and your business — so you don't have to worry. We have been around for more than 165 years and have earned a reputation as one of the best property casualty insurers in the industry because we take care of our customers. Our expertise and focus on innovation have made us a leader in personal, business and specialty insurance and the only property casualty company in the Dow Jones Industrial Average.
Premium Audit
read moreA Premium Audit is a periodic review by Travelers to make sure the estimated premium established at the beginning of your policy period accurately reflects any changes in business operations that may have occurred since the policy was issued. State regulations require us to conduct premium audits of all workers compensation policies. Your premium is estimated based on information provided by you or your Agent prior to the start of your policy term. Because your business may change during the policy year we want to confirm your premium accurately reflects the state of your business over the policy term.
Wholesalers and Distributors Insurance
read moreTravelers can provide wholesalers and distributors the coverage and support they need to keep operations running smoothly in the event of loss or damage. We offer wholesalers and distributors an all-lines solution, including automobile, general liability, property and workers compensation. Travelers has been committed to the Wholesaler Industry for well over 50 years and knows this industry well. Whether the wholesaler is distributing product that is obtained domestically, or imported from other countries, we entertain a wide variety of businesses across durable and non-durable categories.
Business Insurance Products and
read moreDoing business today presents new challenges and opportunities. With our financial strength, data insights from hundreds of thousands of businesses like yours, and tailored coverage, we help you manage the risks and reduce the costs you face every day. From emerging areas, such as cyber insurance and renewable energy, to more established areas, such as general liability and property, Travelers has you covered. With more than 100 years of experience in the equipment breakdown business, Travelers has set the industry standard for broad and progressive protection and services.
Online Digital Service Tools
read moreWe've teamed up with American Forests to fund the planting of a tree when a customer chooses paperless billing - up to 1.5 million trees in all - by Earth Day 2021. Created specifically for Travelers policyholders, the Travelers skill can help you manage your policy. Just log in using your MyTravelers account. IntelliDrive is a 90-day program that uses a smartphone app to monitor your driving performance. By enrolling, you could save on your car insurance policy's first term.
Claim Center
read moreHere you'll find resources to help you manage your claim experience, including access to your claim status, file uploads, and secure messaging to your Claim professional. You can also find information to help you navigate the claim process. Use the resources in this toolkit to help you through the claim process—including find vendors, check the status of your claim and learn about our innovative digital claim solutions. I was devastated by the loss of family items, precious childhood videos, photos, papers, artwork and too many things to mention.
Commercial Insurance Services
read moreTravelers provides customized protection for all customers based on exposures they may face every day. Our industry expertise, along with a deep understanding of business needs, helps ensure we deliver service plans designed specifically for our customers. We have one of the largest Risk Control departments in the industry, and our scale allows us to apply the right resource at the right time to meet customer needs. Our knowledgeable Claim professionals will respond to your needs with speed, compassion, integrity and professionalism.
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