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Marketing Agency in Houston, TX triHead LLC is a web design and web hosting company targeted on creating and maintaining finely designed websites for businesses and individuals. triHead, LLC offer an extensive range of services and hosting choices including a new website and landing page, website remake, website maintenance and affordable web hosting all at a reasonable price.
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  • Website Design and Digital Marketing
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  • Serving residential, commercial and industrial clients
  • Licensed
  • Year established: 2014
  • Number of employees: 5
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  • Affordable Website Design and SEO
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10333 Harwin Dr., Ste. 235C
Houston, TX
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Search Engine Optimization
read moreWhen was last time that your customers searched in Google or Bing, to find your business? Instead they found your competitors?

This is where triHead, LLC step in. We work hand in hand with you to recognize challenges in your business and and let users to find you with organic search engine results.

Obviously SEO is an investment and it has to be maintained on an ongoing basis. And when grown and maintained correctly over time, it can lead to new business. Competition in the web world may not be the companies youre familiar with. Youll find competition coming from unlikely places and industries.
Website Design
read moreSimply having a beautiful website is not enough. Your website also needs to be a responsive website. In order to achieve the best search engine rankings possible your website needs to have mobile friendly web design. At triHead we stay ahead of the website design curves so you dont have to! Our qualified in-house website design team has years of experience building intuitive, mobile responsive sites. Mobile sites require


Max Marcus
read moreI had a great time working with trihead and the website looks great . I highly recommend and if I need an other website will definitely go with them.
Anna Khaef
read moreAffordable rates on Web Design and other services
Shahram Faghihloo
read moreBest SEO In Houston Really Number One

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About Us
read moreSEO and PPC campaigns are only two components that make a larger online marketing strategy. If your business is not placed on digital maps such as Google Maps and Apple Maps, you have a reduced chance of drawing in more customers than if you incorporated digital maps into your overall online marketing strategy. We can help your business stand out against its competitors on smartphone maps applications so that customers drive to you rather than your competitors.
Pay Per Click Advertising Services
read moreThey allow platforms like Google's search results pages (SERP), YouTube and third-party websites displaying Google's Ads and AdSense to serve up interested shoppers with targeted advertisements, making your website more prominent compared to your rivals'. We can also buy advertisement spaces on behalf of our customers' on other platforms like Bing, Facebook, Twitter, and much more. Using PPC certainly does have its set of benefits. It provides websites-regardless of whether they're prominent or not-the ability to compete against rival websites by having a bold and effective online advertising strategy.
SEO Search Engine Optimization
read moreThere are too many ranking factors to keep track of and to make matters worse, Google modifies them by either removing, adding, or changing their values all the time. No one other than Google knows precisely how each and every factor plays in determining website rankings. But we do know, based on experience, that some are more important than others. When you hire a search engine optimization company, they conduct a thorough audit of your website before creating a comprehensive strategy. We always aim to improve the overall quality and performance of the website, all the while keeping these ranking factors in mind.
Local SEO
read moreWe see an increasing number of people using Google Maps to find the nearest brick-and-mortar stores. Now, more than ever, it's important for businesses to capture the opportunity to make themselves prominent on Google Maps so that customers can find them easily. Failing to act could mean that businesses find themselves losing customers to rivals listed on the navigation platform. People today look for their favorite stores on Google Maps when they're already out and about. This lets customers drive to their destinations without needing to plan ahead.
The Best Search Engines in 2019
read moreOnce a website is on the list, or indexed, whenever someone looks up information that that website offers, the search engine lists them. Well, search aggregators (also known as metasearch engines) don't index website. They pull information from search engines like Google and present searches based on their own algorithms. This is useful in several scenarios. One example would be in academia. When you're looking up academic papers, usually you're looking for papers published in journals, reliable academic articles and other related literature and resources.
Affordable Web Design Services
read moreA One Page website is one that is minimalistic. It serves to inform visitors in as few words as possible without distracting them. Creating a one-page website is nearly always easier than creating a multipage website. It's just a well-known fact that a one-page website often takes significantly less time and resources to make than your traditional, larger multipage website will. It's worth noting however that the designing part usually takes a bit longer with one-page websites, mostly owing to the fact that getting the HTML portion of a single-page website sorted is a bit more complicated.
Multi Page Website Services
read moreThis is especially important in contemporary times as businesses cannot divest from the internet. No longer do we live in a world where brick-and-mortar stores are enough. In the last two decades, businesses have come to the conclusion that they need to embrace the internet to thrive. And what better way to embrace the information age than to have a website? Today, when we want a product or a service, we don't just head on out and drive until we find a brick-and-mortar store. We do a quick web search.
read moreBusinesses can sell their goods and services to anywhere world. No longer are they confined to local markets. To compete in an increasingly global market, businesses of all sizes need an eCommerce platform. We can help you with that. It's the system that has been set up to support transactions and the sale of goods and services. Thanks to the Internet, businesses can buy to and sell from any market anywhere in the world. A craftswoman from Belgium can sell her craft to customers in the United States, and a US data broker company can sell its advertising services to a Chinese smartphone manufacturer.
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