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Swimming Pool in Rockville, MD At Twin Pool and Spa, we want YOU to attain the quality pool experience YOU desire. By asking you what you want and showing you what is possible we can give you a poolside lifestyle beyond your dreams. We keep logs with photos of your pool and equipment enabling us to us to eliminate many problems before they occur, minimizing down time and cost to you. We analyze your pool and your equipment individually, recommending only what is best for your needs.

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13509 Glen Mill Rd
Rockville, MD
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Pool Opening
read moreGet your pool ready for the summer with our pool opening service!
Pool Cleaning
read moreOur swimming pool cleaning service has filter cleaning, wall brushing & power washing!
Swimming Pool Closing & Winterization
read moreOur pool closing service ensures your pool is ready for the winter!
Pool Maintenance
read moreOur weekly pool maintenance service keep your swimming pool in perfect condition!
Pool Repairs
read moreGive your swimming pool a check-up with our pool inspection service!
Pool Equipment
read moreWe only use and install industry-standard pool equipment, products, supplies and chemicals.


George Assimakopoulos
read moreI live in Bethesda, MD and have been searching for a locally owned pool service company that has a wide-ranging set of support. My search is OVER! I cannot say enough about Twin Pool & Spa. The twins Derrick & Brent (yes, they really are twins) visited my home, saw my pool and said "let us handle this please." The rest is history! Our pool is now in good hands hopefully for a very long time. This is a family-owned and run business. When you call, ask for Martha (that's the mom) who is awesome too. I highly recommend Twin Pool & Spa!!
Ivy Mekonnen
read moreTheir costumer service and work is outstanding! They definitely know how to get work done quickly but efficiently!!! I definitely recommend them and the lady that answers the phone is so nice and helpful!
Charlie Bevilacqua
read moreThe owners/operators are extremely knowledgeable and confident in their assessment of your particular concern. You can depend on their professionalism , punctuality, and courtesy. If you hire them for ongoing maintenance, you will not regret it!
Gina L.
read moreSo happy to see Brent & Derrick branch out on their own again! They are true pool professionals with the motivation, knowledge and experience to keep any swimming pool clean, clear and in top notch condition
Gwen Barch
read moreTwin Pool & Spa is one of those service companies that you hope beyound hope you will run into in your life time.

I was in a bad spot in mid- August when my filter pump went out and my then pool service company of which I had been a cutomer for 23 years said they could not get out for two weeks. Reluctantly, I agreed to wait but asked if when they came to make sure they had the appropriate pump on their truck. They assured me they would. On Friday the day of the service call they came determined it was in fact the pump and told me it would be another four days at the earliest before they could return and fix the problem.

At this point I started calling around to find someone who could come out. Thank God I found Twin Pool & Spa they got the pump and came out on Sunday and fixed my pool. Subsequently I have swiched my pool services to Twin Pool & Spa. My closing in October was the smoothest least intrusive closing I have been through in 23 years.

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Pool Services & Repairs in Rockville
read moreBrent and Derrick have attained CPO and are Factory Trained Technicians, ready and able to meet any of your pool equipment service needs. If its about pool equipment repair, its about trust! Where appropriate, we repair your old equipment, up to the point that we believe it's in your best interest to seek replacement. We can repair all makes and models, but at some point repairing old equipment can be like "Throwing Good Money After Bad." We provide you with honest, straightforward advice on repair/replace to help you make the right call with budget in mind.
Pool Maintenance
read moreTwin Pool and Spa's pool cleaning service minimizes the strain on your pool equipment and extends life expectancy. You save time and money. Your family enjoys a sparkling, clean pool with little effort on your end. When chemicals are tested and adjusted often, your family enjoys a safer, more comfortable environment. We analyze your equipment and provide expert advice on optimizing your pool operation. We offer weekly and twice-weekly pool cleaning. Why? Bi-weekly pool cleaning leaves no one happy.
Pool Equipment
read moreThe technicians at Twin Pool and Spa attend seminars and in-depth training courses offered by the major pool equipment manufacturers to stay up-to-date on pool tech and recognize solutions to your pool challenges. We work on all types of pools: chlorine, salt, and bromine. Brent and Derrick Marth have attained (CPO) Certification: Certified Pool & Spa Operator. Twin Pool and Spa is a Certified Warranty Station for major manufacturers Pentair, Zodiac, Jandy Polaris, Sta-Rite, Aquagard, Purex, Triton, American, Pacfab and more!
read moreDigital Pool and Spa controls manage pump, heating, lighting, water temperature, water features and protect equipment so you can concentrate on relaxing! Automated systems assist in monitoring sanitation, pH balance, cleaning, filtration, and reduce energy costs. If you are considering automation, call us to discuss how we can take your pool to the next level. If your pool automation system is old or outdated, we have some excellent options to recommend. The Twin Pool and Spa team are experts at installing and programming automation options like Pentair's IntelliTouch or ScreenLogic and Jandy's AquaLink.
read moreA pool heater or a pool heat pump are the most common heating solutions that allow you to maintain a continuous temperature in warm and cooler weather. Both enable energy-efficient heating for every budget. Brent and Derrick Marth have the manufacturer training to help you consider the various factors and recommend the best heating solution for your pool. A pool heat pump takes heat from the air and transfers it into your pool water. They are extremely energy-efficient to operate and deliver savings of up to 70% versus a gas heater.
Pool Pumps
read moreJust as an engine is the heart of a vehicle, the pump is the lungs of a pool. It's the key component of the filtration system that keeps your water clean. For installations, we recommend a medium head, variable speed, high efficiency pool pump, right-sized for your pool. The incremental cost of the variable-speed pump is now low enough that the transition becomes a no-brainer and the payback is quick. The DOE's Energy Conservation Standards for Dedicated-Purpose Pool Pumps sets July 19, 2021 as the deadline by which variable-speed pumps will become mandatory for powering pool and spa filtration systems.
read moreThe pool filter works with your pump to clear oil, debris, dirt, and algae spores as part of the filtration system. A high quality Pool Filter is the key to creating and maintaining a healthy and sanitary swimming environment. We typically recommend Cartridge Filters as they catch smaller dirt particles, clean more rapidly, require less pump pressure, and are easy to maintain. When purchasing a new Cartridge Filter, bigger is always better. We do not usually recommend DE filters or sand filters for an optimal sanitary pool environment.
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