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Upholsterer in Rockville, MD Does your sofa, chair, or sectional sofa need cleaning? UCM Upholstery Cleaning offers professional upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning throughout the DC area. Call for a free estimate, with absolutely no obligation.

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UCM Upholstery Cleaning
read moreIt doesn't take a scientist to figure out that furniture will take a beating over the years. From dust to mysterious stains, the upholstery that once looked pristine can now look dull and lifeless. There is a solution, and it isn't simply dusting and vacuuming. It's something deeper. We offer the best, most effective solutions for soiled and worn furniture. Steam cleaning upholstery not only rejuvenates your home, it also greatly improves your indoor air quality and therefore your health. This is because carpets, rugs, and upholstery trap dust, allergens, bacteria, mites, and mold which can become a serious health hazard when left untreated.
Water Damage Restoration DC
read moreWhen your home or business has suffered water damage, you don't have the luxury of waiting around. What you do in the first 48 hours may be your only defense against the rapid growth of mold and bacteria. Mold makes water damage restoration complex and increases the cost. Luckily, there's no reason to wait another minute. Our hotline is always available for a fast response, and our restoration team in Washington DC is fully equipped to offer a complete solution. With UCM Upholstery Cleaning services, you are just one call away from our qualified team of restoration professionals in Washington DC.
Mattress Cleaning Washington DC
read moreDo you really want to take the chance of cleaning your mattress improperly? Hiring a professional for your mattress cleaning services in DC is important in order to make sure it is done correctly. A professional cleaning service will have the correct tools, chemicals, and experience to ensure the safety of your mattress. Trying to turn your mattress cleaning into a DIY project could result in a very costly disaster. Having to purchase the proper products, renting or buying the equipment used to clean the mattress at home and not to mention if the mattress itself were to get damaged.
Air Duct Cleaning Washington DC
read moreEven the cleanest home can hide a dirty little secret. The HVAC system circulates air throughout the building. It pulls tiny particles into the air ducts, where they coat the duct walls. These particles include dust mite waste, dander, pollen, mold spores, or other microbial pollutants. Dirty air ducts are a possible source of indoor air pollution. The best way to address indoor air pollution is to clean it up at the source. UCM Upholstery Cleaning can remove all dust and debris from the ducts of your home or business.
Carpet Cleaning Washington DC
read moreCarpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning are similar and involve the same cleaning principles. We use our professional steam cleaning machines for both. Our experienced cleaning techs bring top quality carpet cleaning to Washington DC and Maryland clients. While most of our carpet cleaning involves steam cleaning, we are also proficient in the dry cleaning method. What's the difference, you ask? Steam Cleaning - Have you cleaned your carpets recently? If not, then they are good candidates for steam cleaning.
Rug Cleaning Washington DC
read moreRugs can offer a modern and sophisticated look for your home. However in order to serve their aesthetic and functional purposes, rugs must be properly cleaned and maintained. That is why it is important when selecting a rug to make sure that it is both easy to maintain and wash. When not cleaned frequently, rugs can become a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. This can make your rug unappealing and your home environment dirty and unhygienic. Regular cleaning maintenance will extend the durability and longevity of your rug.
Upholstery Cleaning Services in
read moreMany homeowners clean their homes but don't consider cleaning their furniture. This is a mistake. Much like carpet, upholstery fabric acts as a filter, trapping debris floating in the air. This debris remains in the fabric until it is cleaned, but can be forced into the air when someone sits on the furniture. Even worse, dirt is abrasive and can wear out fabric before its time. In the Washington DC area, UCM Upholstery Cleaning can revive your upholstery and make your home a healthy home for you and your family.
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