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Internet Access Provider in Sandy, UT Utah Broadband has proudly been serving clients along the Wasatch Front since 2002. Our network is built on industry leading technologies to supply high speed internet and exceptional reliability. This advanced technology makes our network the finest option available for both businesses and domestic users. Because of our success, the New York Times featured Utah Broadband in article on the Front Page of the Sunday Business section called The Race to Wire America. The article highlighted Utah Broadband's superb service and its robust network.

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197 Cottage Avenue
Sandy, UT
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Utah Broadband
read moreUtah Broadband is Utah's dependable internet service provider. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service-in fact, we're known for it. We've made signing up for reliable broadband internet easy. Need help figuring out which plan is for you? Reach out and give us a call. With more and more people working from home, you need fast internet that can handle the size of your household. If you've suffered the embarrassment of a dropped call during a business meeting or your children have gaps in their educational experience because of poor service, then it's time to revamp your internet provider and plan.
Network Troubleshooting Services
read moreUBB's Network Services Team uses sophisticated software to analyze your current coverage gaps and design a low cost solution to maximize your WiFi coverage ensuring excellent speeds throughout your home. One of the key things to be aware of is your router. If you have an older router, it may not be delivering the service you deserve. For instance, if you choose the 60 mg plan, an old or sluggish router will only deliver 40 mg. If this is the case we recommend trying to optimize your internet. Also, we need to check that your internet reaches all parts of your house.
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read moreCreate Account First Name* Last Name* Phone Number* Email How did you hear about us? Select one. BillboardCompetitor ReferralCustomer ReferralDirect MailerInternet SearchOtherRealtorReferral PartnerSocial MediaUBB EmployeeWord of MouthYard Sign Choose Plan Service Select one. Our prices include all taxes and fees, so there won't be any nasty surprises or fluctuations when you get your bill. Your plan is set and your charges won't go up. Utah Broadband has been providing excellent internet service to business and residential customers since 2002.
UBB Business Internet
read moreYour customers depend on you, too. You're probably just like us. You want your customers to feel like you care and that you'll take care of them. You can't have their back if your internet isn't dependable. Dropped calls, the inability to access your database, too much lag time-all this equals disaster for your work. Let us help you with your business because that's our business-keeping your internet up and running so you can take care of your clients. Do you need fast internet access for a multi-dwelling building?
Internet FAQs
read moreUtah Broadband has been providing Internet to Business and Residential customers since 2002. We provide excellent Internet service to Salt Lake, Utah, Davis, Tooele, Weber, Summit and Wasatch counties. Sending information wirelessly is every bit as secure as a wired solution with the correct elements in place. The most secure solution for transferring your data, whether it is over a wireless or wired connection, is to make certain you have a good router and firewall to encrypt and secure your data.
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