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Business Consultant in New York, NY From our beginnings in 1984, VISION set out to be different: in how we would collaborate with our customers to achieve significant results, in how we would deploy our expertise and in how we would reply to problems in the broader community in which we operate. Who are we? We are innovators, technologists, business designers and project managers who work with our customers to produce big results in their businesses. But we are original thinkers and entrepreneurs who create new business models in partnership with our customers.

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read moreWe re-engineer organisations, transform cultures and change human practices, producing transformational business results. Whether the change is focused on technology, process, market entry, new product, new strategy, new leadership or organisational structures, changing the relationships and hence the commitment network is the key. All our work starts with the premise that businesses are fundamentally networks of commitments between people. We work to understand, improve and manage those commitments and develop new operating models that cut waste (and cost), improve flexibility and increase customer satisfaction for efficient, fast and flexible operations.
Making Virtual Work A Success
read moreWe believe we can help you do far better. The pitfalls of virtual meetings happen in many face-to-face meetings but get exacerbated in virtual meetings. It is far easier to turn off your video, go on mute, and follow a distraction. It is far easier to miss a speaker's mood. It is far harder to fill in gaps without informal, water-cooler conversations. We build on the basics of Commitment-based Management (CbM) to make virtual meetings efficient, effective, and more engaging. Beyond a rigorous use of CbM principles in preparation for the meeting, during the meeting, and in debriefs, we are working with people to (1) design virtual meetings with the care of a workshop with an engaging beginning, middle and end, (2) to drive efficiency by using the right communications platform for the message and assign individuals to cascade insights and information, and (3) to raise levels of engagement with a good meeting etiquette.
Sales and Service Breakthroughs
read moreChanges to the way your sales and service channels work that pay for themselves within the year. To increase the performance of sales teams VISION adds Commitment-based pipeline development and group financial goals to go with facilitated, peer-to-peer group coaching. Uniquely, VISION raises sales closure rates by helping individuals to make customised, personal promises to your customers. We promise that this sales improvement programme will pay for itself well within a year of VISION leaving and that we will leave behind a rigorous continuous improvement function so that the sales will continue to climb.
read moreCapital projects delivered faster, more efficiently, and with improved return on investment. In most industries, moving capital projects effectively, fast, and with reduced costs can become a competitive advantage. If so, we advise that you reinvigorate your capital project design and implementation. Shoot for something bold like completing your capital projects in 50% less time than it takes today at 25% reduced cost. VISION offers to work with your capital project team on an early stage project to achieve the dramatic time and cost savings.
read moreVISION is a multi-skilled consultancy full of people who are flexible, innovative and thrive on creating opportunities for themselves and others. Before joining, we ask everyone to tell a story of transforming someone's orientation to life, work, or the future. VISION is looking for designers, business venture modellers, diagnosticians, and coach-mobilisers. If you would like to join us please email VISION is a business change and consultancy firm with a unique approach.
read moreVISION is a global company which designs transformative, revenue-boosting customer experiences, develops elegant, efficient delivery systems, and leads clients through the behavioural change necessary. VISION has recently completed significant projects for such clients as RSA, SSE, NCR, and Bank of Ireland. Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, VISION operates from European and American markets.
read moreSince our beginnings in 1984, VISION has been trusted by many of the world's leading companies to create breakthroughs and bring transformational change. These results have been achieved by VISION bringing original and entrepreneurial thinking to significant business challenges. Companies such as Paypal, IBM, Tesco Bank, StepStone, Cemex, General Motors, Citi, Scottish & Southern Energy (SSE), Royal Sun Alliance (RSA), Warner Music and many others have worked with VISION to create new business models and attack issues in a more innovative way.
read moreCommitment-based Management (CbM) starts with the premise that a successful organisation is driven by the quality and fulfilment of the network of commitments made among people in that organisation and to their customers. Developed initially by Dr. Fernando Flores following extensive research in association with Stanford University and the University of California at Berkeley, VISION has extended the research and development with The Kellogg School of Management, London School of Business, MIT, and client engagements.
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