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Private Investigator in Nashua, NH Walker International is a growing, privately held firm that supplies innovative Investigative and Security Solutions specifically tailored to our customer's changing requirements. We draw from years of knowledge in complex investigations, high-level security operations, and business intelligence work, to assist our customer's meet the challenges of today's volatile business environment and achieve their Investigative and Security objectives. We're very aware of what it takes to mitigate risks, investigate cases, protect corporate assets and staff, and are dedicated to delivering you.

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read moreFraud and crime are endemic across the public sector and the business and corporate worlds. Globally each year it is estimated that property and casualty insurance claims professionals handle more than $300 billion. Thorough and complete, basic to complex, Fraud, Theft, Background, Pre employment, Lifestyle Inquiry, Insurance Fraud, Workplace Incident. Our job is to get the information you need to achieve your legal objectives. With diligence and aggressiveness, we gather facts, obtain evidence, locate witnesses and provide all necessary support.
Walker International
read moreFraud, embezzlement, internal theft, negligent hiring, and investment schemes, just to name a few, are issues that continue to plague businesses and organizations. Studies by the Department of Commerce, American Management Association, and other organizations estimate that employees steal over a billion dollars a week from unknowing employers. Regardless of how you look at the problem of fraud and theft, both forms pose significant issues with increased costs, potential liability, loss of reputation, trust, are just some.
Walker International
read moreYou can never be too prepared. Gathering facts, obtaining evidence, locating witnesses, interviewing, each case requires diligence and aggressiveness. Walker International is a valuable resource to assist you with the necessary support to enhance substantive, winning client cases. We stay on the cutting edge of technology to offer comprehensive services. Our skilled investigators have the resources, training, and knowledge to aid in litigation support. We have the expertise to get information. Most of all we stay current with the ever subtle, complex, and ever changing body of laws governing our industry.
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