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Security Systems in Lynn, MA Here at Wayne Alarm we aim to supply you with the finest security and life safety systems available. We've found that by listening to our clients concerns and requirements, we can design a system that really works for them and makes them feel safe and secure. We're listed with Underwriters Laboratories and Factory Mutual as a certified installation and central station firm. UL and FM certifications assure you of the highest levels recognized by insurance underwriters nationwide.

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Wayne Alarm
read moreHome and business owners throughout Massachusetts and the New England region face a host of security issues and threats these days: burglary, vandalism, robbery, employee theft and home invasion are just a few examples. Now more than ever, you need high-quality alarm systems and other cutting-edge security solutions to protect your property and keep its occupants safe. With offices in Lynn, MA and Nantucket, MA, Wayne Alarm Systems can provide reliable, cost-effective alarm systems and other security products to residential and commercial property owners in Massachusetts and beyond.
About Us
read moreAt Wayne Alarm, we believe in a system that works around people, not people that work around a system. For over 40 years, Wayne Alarm has been recognized locally, nationally and internationally for combining extraordinary customer service with a commitment to meeting and exceeding the highest standards set for the industry. Complete security, communications, fire, long-range radio, access control, and CCTV systems from under one roof are available for commercial, industrial, municipal, and residential applications.
Lynn MA Security Systems & Alarm
read moreWayne Alarm Systems has been proudly headquartered in Lynn Massachusetts since 1988. For almost 30 years, we have been a member of the Lynn community providing residents and businesses with top of the line and trusted security systems. With a population of around 90,000 residents, there is a large market for reliable and trusted security systems. We have built positive relationships and strong security blankets for much of Lynn and are always accepting and working with new people. As a go-to security company for Lynn Businesses, we provide a comprehensive package from security and fire systems to monitoring, mobile alerts and verified dispatching.
Security Alarm System Services
read moreAt Wayne Alarm Systems, we know how important moving to a safe place is. Living in one of the safest cities in Massachusetts provides benefits like peace of mind, safe environments for children to play and less worrying about break-ins and crime. Securing your home and business with reliable and professional security services always ensures your safety, but choosing to live in a safe area doesn't hurt either. If you're curious about the top 10 safest cities in Massachusets or how we can help protect your property, keep reading.
Alarm Monitoring Services in Lynn
read moreToday when your alarm is activated, a Monitoring Center such as Wayne Alarm Systems in Lynn, Massachusetts receives that signal. We then provide Call Verification to ensure the event is real and place a ‘Call to notify' to the appropriate authorities once the event has been verified. With Wayne Alarm Systems all events are handled by trained professional dispatchers that meet or exceed all industry requirements. Once an alarm signal has been received by our monitoring center operators, we contact your call list and follow procedures to ensure we accurately dispatch.
Residential Security Service Company
read moreAs someone who will do anything to keep your family safe, you want the best home security system company you can possibly find. Wayne Alarm is that home security system company, and we've got 50 years' worth of satisfied, safe customers to prove it. We are a full-service residential security company in Lynn, Massachusetts, and we offer home security for single family homes, multi-family homes and residential community associations. Which solution best fits your needs? At Wayne Alarm, we won't rest until we find the security system solution that's perfect for you and your home.
Smart Light Switch Installation
read moreHow many times have you come home and fumbled with your keys in the dark? Have you left for a family vacation wishing you could turn your lights on and off in the evening to make it look like you're at home and discourage burglars? If so, we understand. We turn off lights during the day and when we're away to save energy and cut utility costs. With automated lighting, you can turn your lights on when it's convenient for you without having to leave them on all day. Some lighting solutions, like automated outlets, will allow you to control more than just your lights.
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