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Optical Store in Chicago, IL W E A R E Y E W E A R is a hip, cutting-edge optical shop situated in the middle of Chicago's River North Gallery District and the booming suburb of Orland Park within Orland Park Crossing. This fashionable shop provides fine eyewear from Oliver Peoples, Paul Smith, Chanel, Lunor, 2. 5 Eyephorics, ic berlin, Chrome Hearts, and more. W E A R provides a huge range of custom lenses, fabricated to the most exacting standards. Fashion-conscious opticians Greg and Joe Winjum are seasoned specialists, together possessing over three decades knowledge in lens technology and fabrication.

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207 West Superior
Chicago, IL
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About Us
read moreChicago and Orland Park residents come to us for far more than just fashionable frames -- they've also come to rely on our eye care expertise. Either optometrist at our clinic, Dr. Jordan Jones or Dr. Natalie Wozny, can provide a full range of services, from comprehensive eye exams to eye disease treatment. Our optometrists can work with individuals ranging from 6 months of age and beyond, making us a great one-stop resource for every member of the family. Our eye doctors can also provide treatments and recommendations for controlling eye diseases such as cataracts, macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic eye disease, and many other potential eye diseases.
Prescription Glasses in Chicago
read moreMost people enjoy trying on eyeglasses and seeing how different they look in different styles in the mirror, but feel less than positive about which decisions they should make for their lenses. Get ready for a different kind of experience at Wear Eyewear. Starting with your eye exam, our doctors will consult with you to uncover your needs and try to help you make decisions that work best with your prescription and your lifestyle. When you leave the exam room and head into the optical, you will have confidence that your opticians will be completely versed in the latest lens technology available.
Eye Care Services in Chicago IL
read moreThe comprehensive eye exam looks at your eye externally and internally for any signs of eye disease, then tests your vision in a variety of ways. Correcting your vision in an optometry clinic starts with determining your specific needs. At Wear Eyewear in Chicago and Orland Park, we offer a contact lens exam from our optometrist to help determine the appropriate prescription, type of lenses and lens size for your eyes. Unfortunately in today's society, the desire to do things more quickly often leads to an inferior quality of work.
Emergency Eye Care in Chicago
read moreMany eye emergencies can be handled by an optometrist. If you are suffering from an eye emergency, Dr. Jones and Dr. Wozny are able to care for them. If you have diabetes or other more serious medical conditions, please be aware of any changes to your eyes or vision, including flashes or floaters. These symptoms may require immediate attention by an eyecare professional. If you are experiencing an eye emergency, please contact our office immediately to schedule an appointment. Our opticians will do their best to accommodate you with an appointment as soon as possible.
Treating Computer Vision Syndrome
read moreJust a few decades ago, computer vision syndrome (CVS) was not known or understood. However, with an increase in the role of computers in our lives, it has become an increasingly common issue. Researchers believe that 50-90% of people who use computers in their daily lives have experienced CVS to some degree. The amount of time that many people stare into a computer screen is increasing, which puts significant strain on our eyes. CVS is not considered a single specific problem, but a suite of issues.
Eye Exams
read moreUnfortunately in today's society, the desire to do things more quickly often leads to an inferior quality of work. Do you remember your last eye exam? Did you leave the office wondering if you possibly made the wrong decision when the eye doctor asked you which was better, 1 or 2? Have you ever been told you have astigmatism and felt ashamed because you didn't really know what that means? Get ready for a different kind of eye exam at Wear Eyewear. Do you need your annual eye exam? Our doctors will take the time to perform a true Comprehensive Eye Exam.
Vision Insurance
read moreWe highly recommend you confirm your vision coverage is active with your HR Department and that all services are eligible before scheduling an appointment. Before providing any service, all insurance details will be checked for eligibility. FSA and HSA funds can be used for medical-related expenses. In most cases, these funds have to be used by the end of the year. You may use your FSA and HSA funds for your eye exam, glasses, and contact lenses.
LASIK Eye Surgery
read moreIf you already rely on wearing glasses or contact lenses to be able to see clearly, you may be frustrated with the effect that they have on your life. Regular vision tests, finding glasses to suit your face shape, having to remember to take eyeglasses with you wherever you go, prescription sunglasses, fiddly contact lenses. LASIK is a modern, minimally-invasive procedure that can substantially reduce or eliminate your need to use eyeglasses or contact lenses, allowing you to enjoy life without limitations or inconvenience.
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