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Veterinarians in Alhambra, CA At West Main we realize your pet is part of your family, therefore we intend to give him or her the same caring, best quality health care we give our own furry friends. We aim to exceed your expectations by delivering outstanding service, best quality medicine and superior standards. The doctors and team at West Main Animal Hospital strive for excellence. We're dedicated and dedicated to delivering you and your pet outstanding service, best quality medicine, and compassionate nursing care. We strive to exceed your expectations and in doing so, continue to achieve superior standards.

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2216 West Main Street
Alhambra, CA
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About West Main Animal Hospital
read moreWest Main Animal Hospital has proudly provided the Alhambra and surrounding communities with veterinary services since 1978. In 1977 Dr. George Wilson transformed the building, which had then been known as Coutts Plumbing, into a veterinary practice. In 1994, Dr. Laszlo A. Frics, DVM, remodeled the entire building from a 1,500-square-foot to a 3,200-square-foot animal hospital. When it came time to start my own practice, I knew that Alhambra would be a great place. Alhambra is central to the greater Los Angeles area and was a great place to be when Dr. Wilson was here, and even a greater place to be now.
Dog and Cat Surgery in Alhambra
read moreVeterinary treatment often includes cat and dog surgery, and at West Main Animal Hospital in Alhambra, surgery is a very important aspect of our care. We work hard to ensure that your pet's needs are always met and that they are safe and well-cared-for at all times. Before the surgery, we work closely with you and your pets to ensure they are good surgical candidates. We conduct pre-anesthetic blood work on each pet, which may be performed in-house, to provide our team with instant results to expedite your pet's treatment.
Dog and Cat Vaccinations in Alhambra
read moreWhen it comes to pets, it's less expensive to prevent an illness than it is to treat it. That's why we advocate preventive care for all of our patients. This typically includes wellness exams, cat and dog vaccinations, parasite control, and dental care, but vaccinating your pet is one of the most important means of preventive care. The reason? Vaccines help strengthen the immune system so that if your pet is ever exposed to a certain virus or disease, their body can fight it off more easily. At West Main Animal Hospital in Alhambra, we want your companion to live a healthy, happy life, and we believe vaccinating them is one of the best ways to make that happen.
Laser Therapy in Alhambra
read moreAt our animal hospital in Alhambra, pet laser therapy is one of the newest and most exciting treatment options we offer to our patients. Laser therapy is a treatment modality that has been revolutionary in the veterinary industry, giving pet owners the opportunity to provide their pet with exceptional pain management. Pet laser therapy uses concentrated cold laser light to stimulate cells in the body. The veterinarian or veterinary technician who administers the treatment will target the specific area of the body that is causing trouble for the pet, ensuring that the cells in that area are stimulated to heal and reduce pain and swelling.
Pet Boarding for Dogs and Cats
read moreWhen it's time for your family vacation or even just a weekend getaway, where will you send your pet? At West Main Animal Hospital in Alhambra, pet boarding for dogs and cats is one of the many services we provide, because we believe it's better for your pet to stay with someone you know you can trust! We offer a variety of cat and dog boarding amenities at our animal hospital to ensure that your pet has what they need and gets the care they deserve. When your pet stays with us, you can expect them to receive kind, compassionate care and attention.
Dog Grooming in Alhambra
read moreIs your pet in need of some freshening up? At West Main Animal Hospital in Alhambra, dog grooming services are available. Our professional team members are more than happy to provide this service to help clean up stray hairs, trim nails, clean ears and tear-stained eyes, and more. We also provide bathing and blowout services for when your pet simply needs a little cleaning up. Our dog grooming services at our Alhambra animal hospital are designed to help your pet feel and look their best. Contact us today to schedule a visit with a member of our team.
Cat and Dog Teeth Cleaning in Alhambra
read morePet dental care is one of the most important aspects of your pet's overall health. Many pet owners do not realize this, but oral health has a direct effect on physical health. For this reason, it is so important to keep your pet's mouth healthy and clean at all times. When your pet comes in to our office for their annual wellness exam or a sick visit, we perform a nose-to-tail examination that includes the oral cavity. If a professional dog or cat teeth cleaning is recommended, we will schedule that for a separate time.
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