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Storage Services in Sunrise, FL Weston Moving and Storage has been servicing South Florida since 1999, providing complete service moving and 2nd to none quality at realistic prices. Feel free to stop by our facility for a tour, and see for yourself why your belongings are in the hands of trained specialists! Weston Moving and Storage offers techniques to keep storing costs down! Congratulations on your decision in choosing Weston Moving for your upcoming move! You just took the 1st step toward a stress free, no hassle day.

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read moreWeston Moving and Storage is a family owned and operated moving company that has been about weston moving proudly serving South Florida since 1999. Our four generations of experience in the moving industry have helped us mold our company to be known for reliable, trustworthy service. With a commitment to providing excellence, we work hard to be sure our customers are satisfied with our work and prices. The best advertising is done by word of mouth. Weston Moving and Storage believes the best advertisement is a happy customer.
Weston Moving & Storage
read moreWESTON MOVING provides complete packing services. We will come to your home and pack everything from your fine china to your toothbrush. The charges for packing are determined by the number of cartons packed. Our professional packers can complete your packing quickly and efficiently, usually in a day or less due to their training and experience. In addition, your home stays attractive and useful up to the day you move. Please keep in mind when you are making the decision to do your own packing, anything the customer packs is not covered by insurance.
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read moreThese appliances must be completely defrosted one or two days prior to moving. They should be dried and aired to avoid musty odor. Safety of contents cannot be guaranteed so it is best to empty your freezer and plan meals that will use up perishable contents. Check with your service man to be sure the motor is bolted, if necessary. Defrost and thoroughly dry your refrigerator before moving. This is very important. The doors should be left open several hours to air after defrosting. All pans, trays, crispers, shelves or removable parts should be removed and wrapped separately.
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read moreBefore getting started, let's go over the basics. Packing is not an easy task. It takes time and patience, but when done properly, eliminates stress greatly. Packing should start as soon as you decide to move. Do a little each day or it can get overwhelming. Waiting until the day before you are ready to move can cause excessive aggravation. Here we will demonstrate the basics, from the first steps setting up to the how-to's of specific items. Avoid under packing a carton. When a carton is under packed, the contents will shift in the box and may cause damage.
Moving Company Fort Lauderdale
read moreDrawers in Furniture- Articles such as blankets, cushions, pillows, and clothing may be left in drawers. Do not pack heavy items in dresser, bureau, server, or buffet drawers. NEVER leave liquids, breakables or firearms in drawers. Cribs- Your crew is fully trained to take all cribs apart as well as reassemble them at the other end. If you prefer to do this yourself, take the time to read the owners manual prior to starting. Make any notes you feel will help put the crib back together. If a crib is not assembled according to manufacturers' specifications, it may not be safe.
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read moreIt is desirable for a WESTON MOVING & STORAGE representative to come to your home and give you a moving and packing estimate. Following your decision to relocate you should contact us to make an appointment with an estimator at least 6 weeks in advance of your desired moving date. The estimator can give an approximate idea of the cost involved and answer any questions you may have. An estimate is especially important if access to your property is difficult or if you think there may be a problem with extraordinarily large pieces of furniture or if you have items that require special handling and care.
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read moreBroward County Consumer Affairs offers information on every licensed Moving Company, including any complaints that are placed. This information can be obtained by calling 954-765-5350 or visiting 115 S. Andrews Ave. Annex Room A460, Fort Lauderdale, Fl 33301. You can also visit the Better Business Bureau on the web at www.bbbsoutheastflorida.org or by calling 954-432-4900. Weston Movers take pride in our outstanding reputation and excellent service. Although gratuity is not mandatory, it is a generous form of appreciation for the men and a way of thanking them for caring for your belongings.
Moving Company Fort Lauderdale
read moreWeston Movers has been proudly relocating families and businesses for almost 20 years now! We carry a special code of ethics that come from a caring staff and dedicated professionals. Our teams offer the best moving service in a courteous, professional and timely manner. Our experts will get the job right the first time, every time. Although we listed a bunch of services Weston Moving and Storage offers, we also offer hoisting, moving heavy machinery, printing presses, copiers, drill presses, rigging, tradeshows, and most special product services that only a select few Companies offer in the Nation!
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