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Private Investigator in Largo, MD
Private Investigator in Largo, MD We are experienced Investigators with 100's of satisfactory cases under our belt. We are full service Investigators, but focus primarily on infidelity cases, and fact finding for divorce, custody, and child support cases. We provide the following services: Surveillance; iPhone/iPad/Android Cell Phone Info Retrieval; GPS Vehicle Monitoring; Computer Keystroke and Monitoring Drug Testing. We are able to charge only $299 instead of the traditional $1,000's because well we can.

We want to make it affordable to all walks of life because we feel everyone deserves the truth. If we are able to obtain the results in a day then there is no reason to charge for the customary 12-48 hr minimum time block. If it seems more time is needed then we will discuss that with you prior to doing additional work. Unlike most other companies we don't charge mileage fees, have hidden cost or gimmicks. We provide results at the flat rate of $299.
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  • State of Maryland
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  • Maryland PD License #106-4411

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PO Box 6353
Largo, MD
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Infidelity Investigation
read moreA cheating spouse can be hard to identify because some are very good at masking their moves and behavior.

Rule #1 - Trust Your Instincts not Your Fears! Remember using common sense is the sensible approach. If you suspect infidelity dont accuse until you know definitively. Letting them know you may be onto them may cause them to change their moves and behavior to avoid detection. Remain keen, level headed and take notes, then contact us via email or telephone.

If infidelity is whats being suspected then we may conduct Surveillance to find out their activities, Computer Keystroke Monitoring if you suspect your computer (you own and use) is being used for immoral and/or illegal activity, GPS Vehicle Monitoring to track your vehicle (you own and use) movements, and Information Gathering to follow any hidden leads.
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read moreWe offer numerous items available to help with your investigation. Contact us if you have questions regarding any of our products.
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