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Preschool in Roseville, CA
Preschool in Roseville, CA Wishing Well Discovery Centers supply best quality education to preschool kids in an exceptional and pretty country farm / classroom setting. Our unique schools incorporate over 1 acre of state of the art classrooms with pretty gardens, lawns, fountains and play areas that allow your child to explore and learn. The mission of Wishing Well Discovery Centers are to educate the entire child through a values-based curriculum conducted in a pretty farm-like setting combining academic excellence with personal character development. The entire child is a complex set of requirements.

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8026 Cook Riolo Road
Roseville, CA
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Wishing Well Preschool
read moreWishing Well Preschool's beautiful country farm setting is the perfect environment for your child's early learning experiences. Our gardens, lawns, fountains and play areas will allow your child to explore and learn about a multitude topics. Our program is designed to develop the emotional, physical, cognitive and social needs of your child through the latest advances in Early Childhood Education (ECE) in a truly unique and beautiful setting. The result is a program that gives your child the best components for their ongoing development.
Wishing Well Preschool
read moreBelow is a list of various events, field trips, outings, parties and shows that are held throughout the year. Each event is a fun-filled experience that is designed to foster your child's desire to learn and explore. All of our events support and enhance the various educational materials that are presented in our academic program. All of our events, outings, shows, etc. are all age appropriate events that contribute a wide variety of experiences that add depth to early childhood development. These various events are either done annually or vary slightly from year to year.
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