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Building Supplier in Apopka, FL We design, build and install the highest quality water treatment products available in the market today. We provide our customers and clients affordable, effective solutions and unsurpassed service after the sale.

We understand that lasting success does not come about by chance. It happens through consistently meeting the needs of our customers and clients with quality products, professional service and exceptional value.

By following these core values for over 20 years, we have grown to be the largest provider of water treatment equipment to Central Floridas premiere home builders and custom contractors. WKG Water is proud to now offer the same value, consistency and pricing direct to homeowners.

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Service Repairs & Maintenance
read moreWKG takes great pride in our reputation for our first class professional service on everything we sell or install. We are dedicated to servicing both our customers and their equipment, long after the sale. We offer on-site service for all types of wells and water treatment equipment including 24 Hour emergency service if needed.

Our on-call service techs are available to service and repair your equipment, in most cases, within 24 hours. We also provide phone support for questions and instruction to all our clients and customers.

WKG Water offers a no contract, monthly maintenance for replenishment of salt and chemicals. This includes a complete inspection of the equipment each month and no charge on-call service should a problem arise for our maintenance customers. This ensures consistent water in your home and the longest service life for your equipment.
Water Treatment Products
read moreWKG Water products are designed and assembled with the highest quality commercial grade components to meet the specific needs of your water. They are installed, configured and tested to ensure trouble free operation and to minimize your time and effort to keep them effective


Alan Mcclelland
read moreMy water has never been better. The entire WKG team do an amazing job. They are knowledgeable and always available with any questions. I have recommended WKG to all my neighbors.
Kristi Boone
read moreVery helpful and knowledgeable.
Shelley Taylor
read moreWe have 3 homes (2 rentals) with water by WKG - we have been with WKG for 13 years and could NOT be happier - if we have any problems with our water, William (the owner) comes out to fix problem - never had a problem and our water tastes absolutely fantastic...prices are great too - thanks so much for all the years of great water William!!!
Paul Larson
read moreAfter trying two different do it yourself softener systems on our well to combat both rust in the water as well as a rotten egg smell. I decided go the pro route. I called a few different companies for bids. After listening to the varying hyped sales pitches from larger companies , I decided to go with WKG. Williams ( the owner ) approach was succinct and honest without hyperbole A) Im going to cure 100% of your water problems B) I stand behind my work and Im going to be here for you down the road that was 10+yrs ago and both statements have proven to be absolutely accurate, with WKGs ongoing servicing exceeding my exceptions. Just few examples are as follows

1) We have zero rust in our water, no foul smells and the water tastes great( as good as any bottled water Ive tasted and far better than any city water Ive tasted.

2) About 5yrs ago the submersible well pump went out . Its important to remember this component of the well is unrelated to the WKG water treatment system . Anyway, I called a couple of different well pump replacement companies only to be told it would be 2 or 3 days until they could get to it. The idea of going 2 or 3 days without water in household of 4 is not a pretty thought, at this point I called William at WKG and told him my plight. He immediately put me in touch with a well service that replaced my well pump the very same day.

3) While vacationing with my family in California in the summer 2016, I received an urgent call from one of my neighbors that water was spewing out from my well, it was already a little past 5pm local time, so with no idea what was actually happening I called William. By 7pm William called me and told it was taken care of even though the water leak was unrelated to WKGs equipment, we were very grateful.

WGK customer for life
Susan Morrow Reid
read moreWKG water has been our go to water system people for many years. They offer expert advise and service and I have never had to wait for them to come out to our farm. We started using this service for my mothers house in Lake Mary. She had terrible well water. We were lucky enough to have a friend that recommended them. They installed a water treatment system that kept her water delightful. Then when we moved out to Sorrento the treatment system that was here quit working on moving day. I called and William came right out and set us up for a happily ever after water system. They are always available if it needs service. They explain what they did and give a fantastic inservice of how to run the equipment ourselves. I highly recommend WKG Water for everyone to use. They are honest, friendly, and knowledgeable, and most important they are trustworthy!!!
Pam Bishop
read moreWilliam and his team are the BEST! When our old system started to malfunction and the company that was servicing our equipment went out of business, we had to find a new water company ASAP. Our neighbors told us to call WKG and we have been happy customers for over 3 years. They replaced our equipment (without breaking the bank and they didn't try to sell us equipment we didn't need). They provide monthly service for our system. If we have any questions, they are just a phone call away. Do yourself a favor and use WKG Water!

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Water Softener Systems Orlando
read moreWKG can perform a full range of water testing for well and municipal water. On-site testing is done on any water supply during our inspection process for customers purchasing any WKG water treatment product free of charge. This ensures that the equipment we design and configure will properly treat your water. We also offer a full spectrum of water quality, contaminate and compliance testing upon request. WKG takes great pride in our reputation for our first class professional service on everything we sell or install.
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