Translation Services in Charleston, SC
Translation Services in Charleston, SC Our team provides fast and high quality translation and interpretation services for business clients. We offer services in a wide range of subject areas and languages. All of our translators are the native language speakers.Through our extensive associate program we are able to provide translation and interpretation services in most spoken languages.

The examples of services that we offer include but are not limited to:

- Software and website translation and localization

- Vital records

- Diplomas and transcripts

- Legal contracts and documents

- Vaccination and medical records

- Technical manuals

- Personal communication

- Voice overs

- Phone and personal interpretation
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  • Serving residential, commercial and industrial clients
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Law and Legal
read moreIf you need a legal translation of a contract or other legal document either into or from a foreign language, absolute accuracy is called for because so much is riding on each word. We understand that your contracts, briefs, prenuptial agreements, litigation documents all your legal translations have to be perfect because so many things are at stake.

That's why our translation company promises confidentiality, precision, attention to detail, and timely delivery of your translated documents.

A little planning can streamline your efforts. Partner with XpressTranslate early in your project, and develop a workable schedule.

Always remember that machine-generated translations, and translations performed by non-native speakers, may seem like cost-saving strategies but they'll cost your firm dearly. XpressTranslate always provides you with timely and precise services performed by the experienced native language speakers.
read moreInsurance agencies and brokers attract consumers with the promise of protectionthe trust that comes from offering care and security in times of crisis. Strengthen customer loyalty by using professional insurance translation services from XpressTranslate.

Insurance agencies and individual brokers can come to us to have life, health, auto, vision, or dental policies, contracts and other materials translated. At XpressTranslate, your critical insurance documents are all translated by linguists who can put things in an appropriate cultural context as well.

One-on-one communications with ethnic markets build the trust necessary to establish your business globally. Without meaningful, native-sounding translations, your promise to care for the consumer is lost in the messaging, effectively abandoning the consumer and leaving their business to another agency willing and capable of delivering exceptional communications. Make sure youre serving the ethnic markets in your area by providing insurance services translated into a language they can understand.
Travel and Hospitality
read moreTravel agencies, hotels, or tourist attractions frequently host tourists from other countries. High-quality translation services are a real necessity for this type of businesses. If you want to increase your business by attracting tourists from other countries and become known as a foreigner-friendly establishment, it would be wise to have procedures in place that allow you to effectively communicate with guests of all languages.

XpressTranslate is fully capable of meeting your translation needs, whether you are a hotel looking to translate room information into multiple languages, a travel agency trying to sell experiences to a foreign audience, or a local attraction targeting a specific group of thrill-seekers from abroad.

The linguistic needs of the travel industry are just the tip of the iceberg, though. If your hospitality business truly wants to attract and keep new customers, you have to have translators who understand that audiences cultural perspective. Travelers from one culture might be more interested in shopping excursions than the fine arts, while other travelers might value religious sightseeing more highly. Understanding these basic differences is important when trying to make translations in order to sell a new travel experience to tourists.

XpressTranslate has the high standards your business needs in a global economy. Be a leader among your peers by providing translation and interpretation services your customers will appreciate. Theyll notice, theyll return, and youll become known for your gracious hospitality.
Healthcare and Medical
read moreCommunication in the healthcare industry is especially important since it can make a life and death difference. If patient information, medical questionnaires or device user manuals are translated improperly, it can lead to a fatal mistake. Accurate translations and localization in the medical and healthcare industry is very important. When dealing with medical tools, devices, physician-supported services and patient well being, translation must be clear, culturally appropriate and sensitively handled for a foreign language audience.

All 50 states now have laws that address the issue of language access in healthcare settings. Seventeen states have language access laws addressing translation for insurance providers and/or managed care organizations. Our foremost goal for the medical and healthcare translation is the exactness. XpressTranslate translators do everything possible to simplify medical complexities in easy to understand terms, while being precise and accurate at the same time.
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