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Computer Consultant in Louisville, KY
Computer Consultant in Louisville, KY We areLouisvilles best one-stop-shop for computer and technology solutions.

We specialize in four primary competencies:

- Network Monitoring and Support

- IT Consulting

- Hardware Servicing

- Hosting and Virtualization

Whether you are a home user with a computer that wont turn on or a small business that needs dedicated IT support, Xubit is here for the job. We offer the exclusive Xubit Technology Protection Plan which is a full premium suite of hardware, software, and network services for our small business clients at a fraction of the cost that hiring a full-time IT staff would entail. If you are in need of top quality computer support and you are in the Louisville area, don't hesitate to give us a call.
Areas Served
  • Louisville, Kentucky
Highlights & Specialties
  • XTP (Xubit Technology Protection) - Premium managed service plans for all small business technology needs
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4965 US Hwy 42, Suite 1000
Louisville, KY
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Residential Services
read moreComputers now hold everything from our family photos to our music. They serve as our link to the internet; everything from online banking to e-mail. And while they remain critical parts of our life, these machines sometimes fail.We povidedozens of solutions to make sure your data is accessible, remains intact, is secure from outside intruders, and we are even capable of retrieving lost data in most cases. This is done via our highly trained and experienced computer technicians who are able to accurately diagnose your technical problems and recommend cost-effective solutions. Your Xubit technician will relay this information in a way that's easy to understand, whether or not you have a PhD in nanotechnology.
Business Services
read moreXubIT is dedicated to providing premium IT services to your company. Contact us today to see how we can help keep your business thriving!One essential service for our business clients is data erasure. If you are throwing out ANY kind of device that stores data, whether it be a computer with a hard drive or a simple copy machine, call Xubit. We will make sure your data is safely and permanently erased before it can fall into someone else's hands. This is especially crucial for any business that must comply with HIPAA regulations, but also any business that may have accounting records, client information, trade secrets, or any other type of sensitive data. We ensure your data is wiped in a professional and secure fashion.


Jacqueline Jones
read moreI really enjoyed working with Adam at Xubit. He was able to get things done very fast and cost-effectively. I have recommended him to many other people and will continue to do so. I have had so many bad experiences with other people fixing my computer, but now I am happy to find someone who knows what the problem is when he sees it.
Joe Stewart
read moreXubit Technologies was able to quickly and effectively eradicate a virus on our system within 24 hours, all while preserving our critical data and helping to patch the system so the infection couldn't happen again. I couldn't be more pleased with the results.
Paige Rumsey
read moreI had a hard drive crash on me that had all of my pictures, music, and more. The computer wouldn't even load Windows. You guys were able to replace my hard drive and salvage every bit of the data off my old one, so didn't lose anything! Many thanks!
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