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A leading South Florida advertising, marketing and communications company for over twenty years, Zoom IQ2 is uniquely positioned to provide the full range of creative, strategic planning and public relations services in-house. With experience addressing the marketing requirements of accounts as huge as regional McDonald's, MasterCard International and Gulfstream Park Racing, to those as tiny as local start-ups, our staff personifies the essence of today's perfect agency - lean, proactive, innovative and efficient.

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Zoom IQ
read moreA key element that separates one Miami marketing agency from others is the quality of their creative work. We have a passion for telling our clients' stories in a way that titillates the senses and motivates their customers and prospects to take action. But one can't be considered a top-notch creative agency simply based on design work alone. Clients requiring small business marketing services do not have the luxury of big creative budgets, so the marketing foundation needs to be solid before addressing creative solutions.
About Us
read moreWhat are the advantages of working with a smaller Miami creative agency? In large agencies, not surprisingly so, work and top personnel are prioritized according to client size and budget. The agency principal might come out to pitch your account, but from there, your day-to-day contact will be with a lower-level employee. And when it comes to prioritizing your work over a much larger client, well, you'll likely get relegated to the back of the queue. Because you'll be working directly with agency principals, you'll get the attention and expertise your business deserves.
Logo and Branding Services
read moreInclusive in the overall scope of our creative expertise, Zoom IQ offers logo and branding services. Effective corporate logo design entails more than choosing a pleasant looking font and pairing it with a piece of clip art. That is typically what one can expect when using the services of a local quick print shop or Miami graphic designer fresh out of art school. Since most companies will use their logo for many years or even decades, it's important that their brand signature incorporates design that has a long shelf life and is built to reproduce faithfully in a variety of mediums and sizes.
Brochure Design Company Miami
read moreZoom IQ is a brochure design company with comprehensive in-house capabilities. Our services encompass the full range of creative and production processes, including layout, copy writing, typography, original & stock photography, art direction, retouching, photo-composition, and printing. We are a one-stop Miami design agency for creating promotional and branding focused sales brochures. From high-production value primary sales brochures to mass distribution leaflets, we are comfortable accommodating any need, any deadline, and any budget.
Agency Services
read moreZoom IQ offers the full range of agency services for print, broadcast and online campaigns. We help small to medium size business owners establish a stronger and more effective presence in the marketplace. We do it through well-thought-out marketing strategies, pinpoint targeting, and creative messaging that entices prospects to take notice and action. Whether you're trying to compete with much larger brands with budgets to outspend you ten-to-one, or simply require a graphic design agency to create fascinating advertising materials, we can help.
Zoom IQ offers reasonably priced
read moreTelevision, as a medium, showcases a company's message unlike any other. If you are a small business looking to run a radio or television campaign, Zoom IQ is a video production company that can help. We are perfectly suited for clients whose aspirations and vision are bigger than their budget. All the components of a high-definition shoot, from the selection of talent to script writing to location scouting and final edit, we are a video production firm you can count on to streamline the process and expedite the project so that your campaign is station and/or website ready in less time.
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