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Lifestylz Fitness(918) 340-5221
At LifeStylz Fitness, its my mission to address the misinformation given to people about exercise and nutrition. I'll educate and demonstrate proper techniques in exercise. Personal program design and progression will be applied to each persons requirements. No one workout is the same because exercise is not a one size fits all answer, it must be properly introduced, progressed and most importantly presented in a way that educates you as the customer to navigate you to your guaranteed
OklahomaTulsa CountyTulsa74136   6130 East 71st Str Suite 14
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Fitness Together Jenks/Riverside(918) 392-3488
Most of the people are NOT getting results from their current health & fitness routine or do not have the accountability and dedication to even BE on a current routine. Although the weight loss industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, over 65% of America is overweight and the numbers aren't getting any better. And the MAJORITY of what's out there claiming to assist you lose weight, get in shape, and have the body you have always wanted is just complete
OklahomaTulsa CountyTulsa74137   9708 South Riverside Parkway
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American Fitness - Fitness Center in Tulsa(918) 494-3645
. All American Fitness has proudly served the fitness requirements of Oklahoma for thirty-two years. The Company began in 1976 with two locations. Now with fourteen locations, under the names listed above, All American Fitness has become the biggest diversified fitness firm in Oklahoma. We were the 1st in the state to be licensed and insured. All American Fitness supported the implementation of the Oklahoma Health Spa Act which governs all fitness centers
OklahomaTulsa CountyTulsa74136   2121 East 69th Street
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Jbhometraining - Fitness Trainer in Tulsa(918) 630-4440
A personal trainer can optimize your results by prescribing an individually tailored exercise program according to your aims requirements. Individual trainers supply instruction on proper exercise range, form, frequency, intensity, and progression. You'll be more successful at gaining your aims if you have someone to motivate you and hold you accountable to your exercise plan, especially if you invest your money into
OklahomaTulsa CountyTulsa74146   3204 South 116th East Avenue
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Bootcamp Tulsa(918) 607-6850
Jonathan Conneely Coach JC, has been training athletes for 11 years now. As a Div. I Strength and Conditioning Coach Conneely received numerous emails and phone calls from everyday people in the Tulsa community wanting to know the answer for them to lose weight, get fit and perform at a higher level. After receiving these calls and emails for 4 years Coach JC realized that it was time to provide the people of Tulsa something that they wanted, needed and deserved. In March of 2008 Coach JC
OklahomaTulsa CountyTulsa74137   5700 East 91st Street
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