Martial Arts Clubs in Wisconsin

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Wisconsin Martial Arts Clubs
The Blast Martial Arts & Fitness - Kickboxing Training in Madison(608) 445-6176
We specialize in helping people gain their full potential. At THE BLAST, we supply adults, children and families a Vacation From Life through martial arts. We invite you and your friends to
WisconsinDane CountyMadison   4555 Helgesen Drive
Recreation & SportMartial Arts
Martingilio Martial Arts & Fitness - Krav Maga in Madison(608) 827-7750
If you are searching for a hardcore, real world, combat system, time-tested over the centuries, and still relevant today, then Ryukyu Kempo is the art for you. If you are searching for a classical
WisconsinDane CountyMadison53719   680 Grand Cyn Drive
Recreation & SportMartial Arts
Villari's Martial Arts Center - Martial Arts in Madison(608) 251-7755
Are you stressed, and searching for a healthy solution? Would you like to feel stronger, safer, more confident, and more connected to your body? Do you want to get active, but don't know where to begin?
WisconsinDane CountyMadison53703   532 State Street
Recreation & SportMartial Arts
ATA Taekwondo - Martial Arts in Milwaukee(414) 525-1872
The American Taekwondo Association (ATA) is the premier North American organization committed to the martial arts discipline of taekwondo, and is the founding organization of other international
WisconsinMilwaukee CountyMilwaukee53228   4168 South 108th Str
Recreation & SportMartial Arts
Roufus Martial Arts - Martial Arts Instructor in Milwaukee(414) 476-5787
Academie Roufus Martial Arts is internationally acknowledged to become one of the best, most personalized fitness and health training programs in the world for men, women, kids and families. Academie
WisconsinMilwaukee CountyMilwaukee   7515 West Oklahoma Avenue
Recreation & SportMartial Arts
Kenosha Tae Kwon DO Club - Martial Arts in Kenosha(262) 657-8397
Welcome to the Kenosha Tae Kwon Do Club web-site. There is more to Martial Arts than just kicking and punching. At Kenosha Tae Kwon Do Club students from 5 to 75 are MOTIVATED to have FUN while they
WisconsinKenosha CountyKenosha53143   2221 63rd Street
Recreation & SportMartial Arts
Wolf Martial Arts - Martial Arts in Green Bay(920) 662-0144
WOLF MARTIAL ARTS was established in the year 2000 by Master Thaming Moua and Master Katharine Carter. Both have strived to attain the above in all of the students who have attended their school
WisconsinBrown CountyGreen Bay54313   2465 Lineville Road # 6
Recreation & SportMartial Arts
Karate USA - Karate Classes in Green Bay(920) 405-9499
Each class is split up by belt rank, age, and training program, giving us a more focused and rewarding class for our students. Our karate floor is designed for group classes, and is equipped with the
WisconsinBrown CountyGreen Bay54313   1641 Commanche Avenue # East
Recreation & SportMartial Arts
Rising Dragon Martial Arts - Tai Chi in Milwaukee(414) 383-7727
Welcome to the Rising Dragon Martial Arts Web Site supporting the White Dragon Warrior Society and the Rising Dragon Martial Arts School. This school is in the heritage of the Shaolin Temple, Great
WisconsinMilwaukee CountyMilwaukee53215   3429 West Greenfield Avenue
Recreation & SportMartial Arts
Jk Lee Tae Kwon DO - Kung Fu in Milwaukee(414) 326-3599
Sixteen years ago, one of our Tae Kwon Do students was tragically diagnosed with cancer. The instructors at J. K. Lee's knew we had to find a way to assist our students and community. Since then, J.
WisconsinMilwaukee CountyMilwaukee   6838 North Santa Monica Boulevard
Recreation & SportMartial Arts
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WSPA - My daughter took Ballet there about 1992, we loved it! Though, disappointed the website doesn't work.
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Training - Looking for a school for my five year to train at.
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