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As one of the auto repair shops in Plainfield, our company, has always done everything possible to help customers get back on the road quickly and as inexpensively as feasible.

It seems happy customers have noticed. The company is celebrating its hard work with the ‘Circle of Excellence’ award from Merchant Circle. The organization hands out this recognition to local businesses when they receive 10 or more compliments in at least 3 of the 12 required categories. Categories include: uniqueness, superb selection, stellar service, quality work, knowledgeable, friendly staff, environmentally friendly, community star, cleanliness, best of the best, best bargains and always on time.

“We’re very proud of receiving this award. We will continue to work hard making sure to keep everyone as happy as can be, even in these financially more frustrating times. Many people are choosing to forgo new cars and are instead driving the one they have longer. We want to do everything we can to help extend the life of our clients’ vehicles, whether they’re 5 or 15 years old. We know the importance of routine maintenance, but we’ll never recommend something that we wouldn’t perform on our own cars. Our clients know they can trust us and we’re incredibly honored that they’ve helped us win Merchant Circle’s Circle of Excellence award,” said Corry Leracey of Last Chance Auto Repair.

The company has a reputation as a trusted auto repair shop and offers customers more than 60 years of combined experience in repairs. The company focuses heavily on helping clients achieve proper fuel economy through repairs and scheduled maintenance, but it also knows that customers may need a little help from time to time. Because of this, the business is continuously introducing new cost effective service options, including warranties, different choices for less expensive parts and even financing choices for auto repairs.

“The people of Naperville, Plainfield and the surrounding areas need reliable transportation. From getting kids to school, to going to work, to even going to the grocery store, we know our clients’ lives are inconvenienced when their cars are in the shop. It’s our hope that through scheduled maintenance, we can help our clients avoid costly and lengthy repairs. We know our clients have a number of choices of where they can go for car service in Naperville and we’re honored time and time again when they choose us or recommend us to their friends,” said Leracey.

The business offers car repair services in Naperville and the surrounding areas. With more than 60 years of combined experience, customers can trust that they’re receiving the very best service and advice regarding necessary repairs and scheduled maintenance.
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Published OnMay 25, 2012
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Award Winning Auto Repair Shop
Award Winning Auto Repair Shop
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