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Chiropractor in Miami, FL Dr. Peter J. London, the clinical manager of the Accident and Injury Center, is a Chiropractic Physician who has over fifteen years of knowledge in his field. He specializes in treating patients that were involved in motor vehicle accidents, work related accidents, slip and fall accidents and motor cycle accidents. The Accident and Injury Center supplies services to the area's North Dade and South Broward counties. E to the ocean and West to 441.

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1728 Miami Grdns Drive
Miami, FL
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Accident & Injury Center
read moreOur Philosophy: Treat and Release Most people believe that once you go to a chiropractor you have to keep going back. Most chiropractors today that utilize evidence-based research in addition to clinical experience don't practice in this. Back pain Neck Pain Herniated discs Spinal stenosis Migraines Sciatica Pregnancy-related pains Golf injuries Muscle tightness Numbness and tingling Arm and leg pain Shoulder pain Sports Injuries Carpal tunnel syndrome Foot pain Whiplash Auto. Dr. Doman will speak to you about the different types of manipulation, and often utilizes "non-cracking" methods.
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read moreAt MSCYC we empower our patients to be active participants in their health care. We accomplish this through proper diagnosis, treatment and education on the proper tools specific to their health concerns. Evidence-based medicine married to alternative care. All under one roof!
read moreImbalances in the spine and pelvis can contribute to daily pain and discomfort or possible musculoskeletal issues. Much like checking the alignment of your car, checking the alignment of your spine will determine how well your overall body functions over a lifetime. The chronic rubbing of misaligned joints may appear as chronic joint stiffness, acute pain attacks, one-sided knee/hip pain, advanced arthritis and painful disc degeneration/injuries. Our approach is focused on removing pain & pressure from your joints and teaching you how to improve long-term health of your spine outside of our office.
read moreDr. Doman will speak to you about the different types of manipulation, and often utilizes "non-cracking" methods. If you're nervous about joint manipulation, and many are, Dr. Doman also uses non force Flexion/Distraction manipulation which has proven effective in decompressing joints. At times, scar tissue and mechanical restrictions within muscle and the soft tissue that surrounds muscle becomes painful and problematic. This creates binding effects of scar tissue make us feel 'tight' or cause pain during movement.
read moreAcupuncture influences the flow of healing patterns and overall pain relief of your body. Treatments are performed by putting the tip of hair-thin needle into skin at specifically mapped points on your body. The acupuncture physicians at Miami Sports Chiropractic & Yoga Center have a unique style, blending aspects of Eastern and Western approaches to medicine. To determine the type of acupuncture treatment that will help you the most, your doctor may ask you questions about your symptoms, behaviors and lifestyle to customize your acupuncture treatment.
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