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Web Designer in Boston, MA The goal of an online store is to generate income. A key means to accomplish this is consistent branding. Your online store requirements to convey your unique value proposition, supply an identity that stands out, and communicate effectively with your target audience. We're advocates for your brand.

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Active Lightning
read moreActive Lightning has a brilliant team of professionals with exceptional capabilities led by Sally Seaver. We help our clients achieve what they want to do with computer software while paying attention to marketing and graphic design. Creativity, intelligence and problem-solving - we have it. Great solutions require the judicious use of variable and static parts, simple components built to handle complexity. Technical understanding is needed, as well as the ability to learn quickly due the rapidly changing technical landscape.
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read moreWhile still in high school, Sally gained an introduction to computer technology from her father, a software engineer. These first experiences involved mini-computers-the first departure from mainframes-and the PICK operating system which provided the first portable database. From these early days and later experience, Sally believes she has insight into how computers think. She understands what is easy for them and what is hard; she understands how they organize information. Maybe there is something in the family genes, because her brother works as a professional software developer for GE Healthcare Systems.
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read moreBranding- we learn about the client's values and value proposition and market to drive the branding process; then deliver the company's logo and look/feel. We exercise creativity and wisdom across both disciplines to deliver satisfying solutions that acheive your goals. Custom Software Solutions - Active Lightning has been producing custom software solutions since 2001. We can produce custom controls for your AspDotNetStoreFront shopping cart. We can integrate your business software with your shopping cart as we have done for many clients, or provide other custom work to help you realize your vision.
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