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Auto Parts & Accessories in Hialeah, FL The is run and run by Ascunce Enterprise. The firm was established in 1999 by Jose Ascunce and the head office is situated 14032 NW 82nd Ave - Miami Lakes, Florida - 33016. The firms mission is to supply quality recycled automotive airbags and parts at a level above salvage yards and other distributors. Our competitors sell you soiled airbags with broken connectors, frayed wires, damaged and missing parts. We excelled by creating our own five point inspection system thereby providing used airbags in like new condition that were ready to install.

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Airbag Center
read moreWe can reset your airbag light for any fault codes registered inside your airbag module. Thousands of shops across the country use our airbag reset service and save money on repairs. For details about repairing your airbag light or airbag resets. Create an account and buy oem auto airbags at wholesale prices. Become a member and save oney on airbags today. Call us to learn about our complete line of SRS airbag replacements. Our parts inventory includes factory OEM drivers wheel and passenger dash airbags, side airbags, and knee bolsters airbags, for practically every year, make and model.
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read moreThe SRS airbag module is often referred to as the airbag computer, 591, derm unit, airbag sensor as well as the diagnostic unit. In most situations once the airbags or seatbelts have deployed you will need to replace it with a new module from a dealer (costly) or a recycled airbag module from a salvage yard (good luck with that.) However, with our crash data removal service you have a new more affordable and reliable option. By resetting the vehicle's original SRS airbag module, auto repair shops across the country count on our crash data removal services to lower the cost of rebuilding vehicles.
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read moreOur airbags are classified as used because we are not - in the example, a Ford Dealer or Chevy Dealer, etc. So even though some of our products are new we must label them as used. In addition, we also sell airbags that have been in a car before but never deployed. Nonetheless, every part we sell is an Original Equipment Manufactured part. It is used because time has elapsed, however - so was the airbag in your car that just deployed. So you see - your car's airbags were used as well and they worked fine.
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read moreWhether you rebuild vehicles for a living or are a DYI we can help you replace your airbag parts. As vehicles age, buying replacement airbags from a dealer is no longer a viable option. For most car and truck owners the cost is much to high to invest in an older vehicle. To avoid expensive airbag replacements some repair shops have turned to recycling yards. However, dismantlers often damage the airbags during the removal and storage process. Furthermore, they mis-characterize the parts and often make mistakes identifying the right components.
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read moreWhy trust a salvage yard with your safety. We have over twelve years of experience handling and providing the finest used airbag products in the industry and most of the time our products sell for less. Airbag Center is a company you can trust. Want more proof! We are the only company to show examples of our products. Most salvage yards would not attempt to show you their products. We also support you after the sale and even help you locate the airbag module in your vehicle - absolutely free of charge.
read moreWe have not documented the module location of this vehicle yet, however, you can Send us an Email and we will be happy to reply with the location if we know it.
Airbags for SALE at Air Bag Center
read moreWe have one of the largest inventories of SRS airbags in the US. In addition, if we don't have it we will assist you in locating one. Whether you are a collision shop or an individual we can help you find an airbag or airbag component for your vehicle.
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