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Alternative Medicine Practitioner in San Mateo, CA Educated at The Center for the Alexander Technique in Menlo Park, CA, Barbara completed the 3-year full-time course of study in 1996 to become Nationally Certified to teach the Alexander Technique. Her on-going investigation of functional anatomy and physiology assists her to visualize the body's interior structures as she applies Alexander's principles of non-doing and directing. In addition to her technical expertise, Barbara's teaching style is warm, clear, keenly intuitive, and customized for each student. She is an active member of The American Society of Alexander Teachers (AmSAT) and is an.

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Alexander Technique
read moreLearning to use your body differently can have an amazing effect on how you feel and function. The wonderful thing about Alexander Technique is that it is through releasing and relaxing your body that you learn to "sit up straight." Alexander Technique lessons will teach you to move with resilience and poise as you learn to stop re-injuring yourself. Your joints will become free as you learn to lengthen your stature through freeing your muscles. Healing often occurs that was never thought possible.
What results can I expect and how
read moreAlexander Technique sessions offer a sometimes immediate, sometimes gradual change in the way your body feels and functions. Painful tasks become relaxed and easy, and awkwardness turns to ease and grace. The process is ongoing and can involve improvement in many facets of a person's life. Many people feel some relief after the first Alexander Technique lesson. Ten lessons are recommended as an initial commitment in order to understand what the work is about. Some people continue on as their lives change in unforeseen positive directions.
A Typical Lesson
read moreAlexander Technique lessons last one hour and are soothing, relaxing, interesting, and fun. A portion of the Alexander Technique lesson is spent on the massage table. Fully clothed, the student is taken through specific motions, providing a stimulus for the body to unfold and release, while relieving constriction and contraction. The student is requested not to help and becomes familiar with moving without excess tension. The remainder of the Alexander Technique lesson is spent doing simple activities designed to educate the student to move in a way that is healthy and in alignment with the structure of the body.
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