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Driveway & Paving Company in Hayward, CA American Asphalt - A 1st impression that lasts Customers, tenants and visitors get the 1st impression of your business right in the parking lot. So it makes financial sense to repair and maintain surfaces and roadways with services from American Asphalt. From potholes and crack filling to complete parking lot construction, American Asphalt performs asphalt repairs, concrete restoration, pavement patching, sealcoating, slurry seal surfacing and striping. American Asphalt will protect your investment, reduce costs and maintain your pavement for years to come.

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American Asphalt Repair
read moreWe are happy to be listed as 2020 Top Contractor by Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction in the categories of Striping, Paving, Pavement Repair, and Sealcoating. As a trusted advisor to our clients for more than 35 years, we have the experience, equipment, and treatment options to handle even the toughest paving challenges and maintain your parking lots and roadways for decades. We can help identify the priority areas and the best approach for you. Contact us today to receive a No Cost Pavement Evaluation and Options Plan!
About Us
read moreOn time and on budget? On public works projects "time and budget" are essential. We know public works resources are limited and demands for public safety high. Addressing these challenges, American Asphalt has repaired and resurfaced public sector projects including school playgrounds, board of education office parking lots, airports, city and county government agencies, and campus-wide street and parking facilities.
Asphalt Repairs San Jose
read moreExpert maintenance requires on target assessments of surface conditions and a prompt response so that small problems do not become large ones. This attention to detail can reduce surface aging and result in substantial cost savings over the life of any pavement structure. American Asphalt works with you to ensure that the right application is provided and the smallest details are attended to. This quality asphalt paving and repair is what keeps customers coming back to American Asphalt year after year.
Concrete Paving
read moreAmerican Asphalt crews take pride in their ability to execute detailed concrete work according to exacting specifications. We provide original concrete work and repairs, often in conjunction with asphalt maintenance and new construction projects. Our crews work efficiently, using the latest equipment. Our experience extends from concrete demolition and removal of cracked and broken concrete, to new construction work, including special finishes. At American Asphalt we self-perform all our concrete work, and never delegate your job to subcontractors.
Driveway Parking Lot Sealcoating
read moreWithout adding thickness or structural elements to pavement, sealcoats protect your new pavement from weather, erosion and oxidation, fill minor voids, improve the surface texture and provide a smooth, non-abrasive surface. Asphalt sealcoats are factory-blended compounds of emulsified asphalt binder and selected mineral and fiber fillers. Recommended for use on all types of asphalt pavements, sealcoats deliver a uniformly colored, watertight seal, designed to improve the appearance of your asphalt and extend the life of your investment.
Onsite Work
read moreWe guarantee our trained, professional crews: While every American Asphalt repair and resurfacing project is different, we can guarantee that our trained, professional crews arrive on your site promptly, work cleanly and finish on time, every time. We cone and barricade the job site with traffic management controls to guide traffic, protect the public and ensure the safety of tenants and adjacent areas. Paving crews lay petromat if needed, pave overlays with hot mix or slurry seal, install asphalt, and roll level with surrounding grade for proper compaction.
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