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Pet Services & Supplies in Phoenix, AZ We're a family run and operated professional in-home pet sitting service situated in North Phoenix. The day-to-day business operation is done by the owners, Kevin and Wendy Mark assisted by Darren and Jillian. Our 13 additional family members are Karli (Rough Collie who's teeth chatter during a thunderstorm) Starbucks (Chocolate Lab can flip a treat off his nose) Scully (Australian Shepherd who hates moving and will hide under the Jeep so she isn't left behind)

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3708 E Winchcomb Drive
Phoenix, AZ
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About Us
read moreAt Arizona Pet Sitting, we understand that your home and your pets are precious to you, and we honor the trust you place in us by allowing us to care for them. We pledge to always treat your home and your pets with respect, kindness and compassion. When an Arizona Pet Sitting staff member comes to your home, you can be confident in the person's integrity, compassion and ability. We will be a great fit for you and your fur kids if you also believe companion animals are an extension of your family.
What to expect
read moreWhen we come into your home, the first thing we do is to greet and engage with your pets. We speak to them, address them by their name, reassuring them with verbal and physical attention. We check to be sure they are comfortable, calm, healthy and not overly stressed or anxious about your absence. Next, we do a quick visual check of your home and premises to be sure everything is secure, that nothing is amiss, and that safety is not compromised in any way. We also take this opportunity to locate and check on any shy pets that may be hiding under a bed or in a closet.
Schedule Pet Care Online
read moreArizona Pet Sitting's online booking feature is simple, convenient and real-time. Making your appointment online puts you in control, helps us know and understand your pets' needs, your household routine, and assures you that your dates, times and instructions are locked in. The process is quick and easy, and once you register, your information is stored securely so that we can refer to it each time to you book an appointment. Then fill out a brief one time online questionnaire to familiarize us with your pets and your home.
Work for Us
read moreAt Arizona Pet Sitting, because we believe in providing the best service for our employees and clients, we will only hire employees. We want to ensure the safety of our pets by being able to provide specialized training, guidance and covering our employees for any accidents that may occur. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about working with us. Pet Sitter/Dog Walker - this position is only available in certain Valley locations. We provide the clients and you provide the loving animal care with per visit compensation.
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