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Recording Studio in Hayward, CA
Recording Studio in Hayward, CA The Art of Ears caters mainly to independent record firms and performing musicians: Punk, Hardcore, Reggae, Caribbean, African, Filipino, Latin, Psycho Billy, Metal, Alternative, Ska, Acoustic, R&B, tiny Classical groups, and preprogrammed Hip Hop. We are equipped with an analog Soundcraft Sapphyre 28x24 (68 input) automated Console, a huge assortment of classical analog outboard gear, Tannoy Monitors, Wissner Grand Piano, 24 tracks of IZ Technology RADAR 24 bit with Nyquist converters, and Bias Peak Pro Digital Editing and CD Mastering.

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21087 Cabot Boulevard
Hayward, CA
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read moreThe Studio consists of 4 isolated recording rooms, all with eye contact. A live mid sized isolated recording area (16x18x12), an absorptive mid sized isolated area (16x13x12), a small isolated room (10x12x12), an isolated vocal booth (8x12x12), and a spacious control room (23x16x12) that can seat 9. We like to record drums in the larger live room, using as much ambiance as possible, while isolating any amps vocals or horn sections in the other rooms while tracking. The studio is wired so that musicians can physically be in the same room with the drums while tracking with their amps isolated, or even 1 or 2 musicians playing in the control room, with their amps isolated in one of the other 3 rooms.
read moreDefinition: Leaving your equipment in the studio overnight with all of the studio's recording equipment settings left untouched. This includes everyday of consecutively booked sessions regardless of days off, unless mutually agreed upon by artist & engineer. On sessions booked for over one week, there will be no additional charge for overbooking by 3 days. After tracking has been completed & all your equipment is out of the studio, you can book less hours for vocal & mixing sessions at the normal rates.
read moreRecording, Mixing & CD Mastering in the San Francisco Bay Area. Art of Ears recording studio, located in Hayward California, opened for business in 1986 in San Francisco. In a few short years it became known as a launching pad for young hip hop and punk rock groups such as Sway & King Tech, and Lookout Record recording artists Green Day and Rancid. In 1993 the studio moved to Hayward and throughout the 90's became one of the most popular East Bay recording studios for Punk Rock, and while the studio is well known for that, we're experienced in all genres.
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