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Environmental Company in Brockton, MA An founded leader in protecting homeowners and their families in New England, ASAP Environmental was established by John MacIsaac in 1993 and has since helped 1000's of homeowners and community groups safeguard lives and protect property investments. ASAP Environmental is a trusted and valued neighbor in our communities, recognized by leading civic and municipal organizations for the service we supply protecting the health of homeowners and kids.

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Asap Environmental
read moreASAP Environmental, Inc. has proudly been the mold specialist of choice for thousands of residents throughout Boston and New England since 1993. We offer certified lead paint and mold inspections for homeowners, business owners, and property owners. Lead is a hazardous material that can exist in many places, like window frames, door frames, kitchen cabinetry, bathroom cabinetry, porches, fences, siding, and a host of other areas. Professional detection and treatment are essential. In fact, if you are currently in a home or property built before 1978, we strongly recommend that you schedule an inspection as soon as possible.
About Us
read moreThe lead and mold inspectors at ASAP Environmental, Inc. are dedicated to serving the residents of Massachusetts. Founded in 1993 by John MacIsaac, we have helped thousands of homeowners safeguard the health of their loved ones and protect their investments in property. Since our inception, we have performed over 35,000 lead paint inspections, risk assessments, mold inspections, lead determinations, dust testing procedures, and clearance inspections. We have completed more lead paint inspections than any other business in Massachusetts.
Mold Inspection
read moreMold inspections are one of the best ways to ensure that the air quality in your residence is safe for you and your loved ones. The experienced inspectors at ASAP Environmental, Inc. are certified by the Indoor Air Quality Association Council to perform these microbial procedures for homeowners in Massachusetts and New England. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, approximately 35% of American homes receive water damage each year. This helps to explain the prevalence of mold-related illnesses and structural damage throughout the country.
Asbestos Inspection
read moreRepeated and long-term exposure to asbestos can cause everything from fluid buildup around the lungs to mesothelioma. At ASAP Environmental, Inc., we provide asbestos inspections across Massachusetts in order to help identify these harmful fibers and notify you of any potential risks. Although building materials that contain asbestos have been seldom used in construction since the late 1980s, these materials are still legal to sell in the United States. Asbestos can be found in structures of all ages and in various forms, including decorative plasters, fireproofing, resilient flooring, heating system insulation, wallboard joint compound systems, roofing, and exterior siding.
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