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Driveway & Paving Company in Tulsa, OK Asphalt is processed from heavy crude oils which are higher in metals and sulfur content and must be heated to become fluid. The refining process results in asphalt cement of various grades. Asphalt cement, one of the oldest engineering materials, has numerous applications due to its adhesive and waterproof properties. In North America, it is used for paving road surfaces, it is used in roofing products, for coating materials and for other specialty applications.

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read moreAsphalt and Fuel Transport LLC is one of the industry's most reliable haulers of asphalt, tar, and coal tar products. AFS prides ourself on our highest-quality products and the prioritization of top health and safety standards in each aspect of what we do. Our purpose is to reliably serve our customers by delivering the highest-quality asphalt and petroleum products at competitive prices while prioritizing long-term relationships.
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read moreWe specialize in providing nearly every grade of liquid asphalt. Whether you need a standard AC or PG grade or a specialty proprietary blend for a certain process. We have the equipment and expertise to exceed your every expectation. Below are a list of some of our most popular grades of material, however, we can easily provide anything you desire.
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