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Driveway & Paving Company in Roanoke, VA Associated Asphalt opened its doors for business in 1948 under the name of Fuel Oil & Equipment Company. After a sale of our heating oil assets in 1997, we changed our name to better identify us as a provider of liquid asphalt to the paving industry. Associated Asphalt employs approximately 130 people in its Virginia, West Virginia, North and South Carolina, Georgia and Florida locations. The firm is headquartered in Roanoke, Virginia. In our almost 60 years of service, we currently have supplied quality paving grade asphalts and emulsions throughout the Southeastern US, helping many.

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2677 Roanoke Avenue Southwest
Roanoke, VA
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Associated Asphalt
read moreAssociated Asphalt is one of the largest independent liquid asphalt resellers in the United States. Backed by more than seven decades of industry experience - and a 6 million barrel capacity - we serve the Eastern United States with a focus on safety, environmental responsibility, and dedication to helping contractors pave their own road to success. Strategically located throughout the East Coast, our US facilities provide a local presence with a host of innovative and high quality products to meet the most demanding infrastructure development, pavement construction and re-construction, pavement preservation, and industrial application needs.
About Us
read moreAs one of the largest independent asphalt resellers in the United States, Associated Asphalt stores, blends, hauls, and sells a range of asphalt products. From our headquarters in Roanoke, Virginia, Associated Asphalt serves customers throughout the Eastern United States. Our network of liquid asphalt and emulsion terminals is the largest on the East Coast. Our 33 terminals are easily accessible by rail, barge or truck, and supported by our truck fleet as well as time-chartered vessels. We are proud to supply quality paving grade asphalt and emulsions throughout the East Coast, helping many contractors "pave their road to success."
East Coast Asphalt Partners
read moreBacked by alliances with major domestic and international suppliers, the Associated Asphalt family of companies ensures our customers have access to the products, innovation, and transportation infrastructure they need to pave the way forward. Bituminous Technologies, LLC - (doing business as BT Lab) Associated Asphalt's laboratory division that conducts a range of product R&D, Quality Control, and third-party testing as American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) approved laboratories.
Contractor Compliance Policies
read moreAs part of the contractor prequalification process, please review the following Associated Asphalt policies. Once you have reviewed them, you may check off that you have read and are familiar with our policies on our Prequalification Questionnaire. If you have any questions, please ask your contact with Associated Asphalt.
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