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Martial Arts Club in San Diego, CA
Martial Arts Club in San Diego, CA Family Karate is dedicated to the development of ourselves and our students to be strong, caring and responsible people. Being responsible and caring means being strong enough to stand for our beliefs, and may involve protecting ourselves and others. Family Karate is dedicated to the philophy that we can do the hard work necessary to become to be strong, caring and responsible people in a place that is emotionally and physically safe. Family Karate is dedicated to supporting parents in raising strong.

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4490 Fanuel Street
San Diego, CA
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ATA Family Karate
read moreWe promise to partner with you & your children's teachers to guide your kids to be Black Belts in school. We've been doing this for decades and we know it works! Whether you are interested in fitness and safety for yourself, more family time with your children, or looking for support as a parent, we promise to be your partner. Thank you SO MUCH for how you helped shape Cavan and gave him support when he needed guidance from an outside party. Family Karate has been building personal safety, fitness, and self confidence since 1971.
Family Karate
read moreOur Black Belt Challenges provide a path to walk the Warrior Path by strengthening our Minds, our Bodies, and our World. Each goal is illuminated by a life-model. World: "I am just another version of you." Our Life-model for Courtesy is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, a peaceful warrior. In little more than a decade he helped move our country dramatically towards equality of opportunity and justice under law. If it has been a while, please consider watching his "I Have a Dream" speech here. To do something difficult and to make a real difference, we all need three things: a clear vision, a supportive team, and an unbreakable commitment.
Karate For Kids
read moreFamily Karate has risen above and beyond anything I have seen to keep its community connected, learning, and caring for each other. This is the hallmark of a great school! Live classes, pre-recorded You-Tube classes that can be re-visited, support for families who are struggling teaching their kids at home, allowing families to train together with their children and stay strong and connected within that family bond, creating an online academy to reach students from afar.who does these things? Only the greatest, most invested and most loving communities do these things!
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