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Auto Repair in Riverside, CA Here at Autotech, we provide a huge range of quality automotive services, from minor to major repair and service, for the maintenance minded consumer. We offer maintenance services for our fleet clients. All technicians and service consultants are A. S. E. Certified. We offer client shuttle service. AutoTech is dedicated to the safety and reliability of your vehicle. Our professional mechanics can recommend the correct car maintenance services to assist prolong the life of your car and avoid costly repairs in the future.

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read moreModern oils have increased engine life and protect other vital components better than ever and many engines are now coming with change intervals as high as 12,000 miles. These kind of service intervals do not come without some concerns for us based on our experience servicing thousands of cars every year. Engines still consume oil and running out of oil is catastrophic to the engine, most people never check their oil, and we see engines several litres low on oil ALL the time. Waiting another thousand kilometers may have run them completely empty.
AutoTech Service Preventative Maintenance
read moreI am here to stress the importance of preventative maintenance services to your automobile. Not only does maintenance keep your automobile in good internal condition, it also keeps the driver and passengers safe. Imagine being stuck by yourself on the side of the road when the whole situation could have been avoided by performing simple car maintenance. Ignoring oil changes and tune ups are just two examples of preventive services. Preventative maintenance helps your car sustain its value. Car owners have it easy when it comes to keeping up the maintenance of their vehicle.
AutoTech Service Manual Transmissions
read moreThere are a lot of things that can go wrong in the operation and maintenance of a vehicle. From flat tires and radiator leaks to cracked windshields and upholstery damage there is almost always something that could use a little attention. That means that whenever a car gets brought in for service there is likely to be something that needs to be done to it. That is the way that so many shops are able to offer inexpensive free inspections. They know that they will likely uncover something that warrants a more extensive procedure.
AutoTech Service Clutch Repair
read moreThe common cause for electrical faults in cars is the 'short circuit' which typically is caused by the so-called 'clashes' in the wiring system. Unless you are professionally qualified in the field of auto vehicle wiring (or mechantronics), you are advised against attempting to carry out auto electrical repairs on faults emanating from 'short circuits.' Getting things wrong here could, in the worst case scenario, have your car catch on fire. There are also electrical faults in cars that are caused by gadgets in the cars, for instance, audio and video systems, which consume too much power.
AutoTech Service Vehicle Inspection
read moreCar inspection safety is important before you purchase a car. You never know if the parts may come loose while you're on the road and this can be dangerous for both you and other drivers out there. Before you buy a car, you should take the initiative and take automotive inspection services so that you know what's wrong with your car. A key indicator of whether a car has been maintained is whether simple things like the oil has been changed or if tire wear is even. Badly worn front or rear tyres indicate that tyres haven't been rotated, and dark or gritty oil are tell-tale signs that the previous owner did not perform routine maintenance on his or her car.
AutoTech Service Brake Repairs
read moreAuto brake repair professionals highly suggest that car owners get brake repair services done for their vehicles as soon as possible. In this process, proper diagnosis is really important so that accurate repair procedures can be done. When you get repair services done for your car's brakes, make sure that you bring your car to a shop that has the proper permits and certificates that will prove that they have the expertise that's needed to get the job done properly. By bringing your car to a certified brake repair shop, you can be assured that your brake problems are going to be fixed in no time.
AutoTech Service Services
read moreOur expert and experienced mechanics will replace your vehicle's oil with the manufacturer-recommended weight and grade, change the oil filter, rotate all four tires, and perform a visual courtesy check on your vehicle, and major systems, including brakes. We specialize in preventive car maintenance and auto repair. We will make sure that your vehicle will be running smooth and strong, and we will ensure that your vehicle is safe and reliable. I make sure you get the excellent service and quality auto care you deserve.
AutoTech Service Star Certified
read moreSTAR Certified Smog Check - The new STAR Station Required designation replaces the Test Only program that was before, now it requires a certified station. If your DMV registration renewal states, "Smog Check required at a STAR station" you must take it to a STAR certified facility in the local Riverside area like Autotech. Not all test-only stations are STAR, and not all Test & Repair stations are STAR Certified. Does your vehicle need a star certified smog check or repair? We are here to help with all your smog check needs.
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