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Chiropractor in West Linn, OR Back in the Game is a clinic dedicated to the treatment of physical injuries to the body. Caring for an injured body involves more than making the diagnosis; it's about understanding and treating the cause to prevent future injuries. The clinic addresses variety of injuries to the body whether it be from a car accident to over-use trauma. When injuries occur, it is no longer enough for people to "take it easy for awhile" or "work through it." Health professionals like Back in the Game offer a complete approach-- diagnosis, treatment, and specific rehabilitation.

You're the reason we're here. The entire visit is
centered around giving you an experience uncommon in today's impersonal medical

Back in the Game strives to markedly improve your life. Pain relief is usually the first
step. The second is a comprehensive rehabilitation program. It is our
mission to return our patients to their homes, their jobs, or back to their
chosen activities as quickly and safely as possible. We continuously ask
ourselves the question, "how can we best serve your health needs?" The answer is
always the same: a commitment to excellence in
everything we do. Excellence is what we value most. As such, our staff is
continuously upgrading their knowledge base in order to give you the best. We
employ a variety of advanced techniques designed to restore normal strength,
motion, flexibility, and reduce pain. Back in the
Game focuses on comprehensive care for joints, muscles, bones, and
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