Bole David N Phd AP

Alternative Medicine Practitioner in Gainesville, FL
Alternative Medicine Practitioner in Gainesville, FL In 1979, David Bole opened Gainesville's 1st acupuncture practice. Since then, he has traveled the world to study with masters of various traditions of health and healing. He specializes in Toyohari Japanese Five Element acupuncture and Chinese herbs. Appointments are available Monday through Thursday, with Friday appointments at Three Rivers Medical in Branford. Tai Chi and Meditation classes are ongoing.

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1204 Northwest Tenth Avenue
Gainesville, FL
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read moreThe dedication read in part that the award was for his ‘dedication for the upliftment of Humanity through the vehicles of education, mental health sciences Oriental / Asian medical and Healing Sciences and Dharma - Mindfulness and Meditation'. Gainesville commissioner Helen Warren joined the celebration at Mr. Han's to recognize him and present the proclamation. He has been providing the finest health care services to the residents of North Central Florida for over 25 years. He earned his Doctor of Philosophy Ph.
read moreAcupoint Pressure Therapy- Thistechnique has a positive and profound effect on our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Herbal medicine- The world's oldest, continually practiced, professional medicine, and used to enhance the clinical effectiveness of treatment. Meditation-Self-examination and self-awareness. Its goal is to understand and know the nature of the mind to free oneself and others from suffering. Oriental Massage-Form of massage that emphasizes acupuncture meridians, through which the body's "vital energy force" (Qi) is channeled.
read moreHerbs are used to enhance the clinical effectiveness of treatment. Acupuncture and the other modalities used in Oriental medicine are very valuable; however, they cannot always be applied as frequently as needed. Patients cannot always arrange or afford daily or every other day treatments necessary for best results. It is for this reason that we use various herbal treatments. It helps support the root treatment to sustain and complete the healing process. In addition, many patients come with chronic and degenerative conditions that require long term care with specific herbal medicines.
read moreAs one of the oldest oriental forms of treating diseases, acupuncture has become one of the most successful at treating various types of health conditions in today's society. Certainly the benefits that acupuncture can now provide to many people are immense and there are many health practitioners who are advocating it as a successful form of treatment. The World Health Organization (WHO) in fact recognize that there are more than 40 different types of disease which can be effectively treated by using acupuncture.
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