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Bank in Fargo, ND You'll notice it when you walk in the door, open an account, ask a question, or approach a milestone in your life: the people at Bremer are ready, willing, and capable to take action. That service has been part of our culture since our founder, Otto Bremer, opened the doors to his 1st bank in 1943. Dedicated employees: Nearly 2, 000. Comprehensive services: Banking, investment, trust, and insurance. Valued customers: Individuals and families, huge and mid-size corporations, tiny businesses, agribusinesses, nonprofits, public and government entities.

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1444 45th Street Southwest
Fargo, ND
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read moreWe have deep roots in the places where we live and work, and a history of making a real-world difference in the communities we call home. A bullish commodity market has significantly helped agriculture producers throughout summer and into harvest. Speaking to many of my customers, I get a strong impression that manufacturers across sectors treat and view their workers as indispensable. Many are finding creative ways to engage, train and hire workers during this time. Advice on maximizing returns on your capital campaigns and building your nonprofit's cash reserves the direct and indirect way.
About Us
read moreBremer Bank has roots in the places where we live and work that go back to 1943, and a history of making a real-world difference in the lives of our customers that begins with our founder. Otto Bremer believed that if banks helped businesses in good times and bad, communities would thrive. Today, we're proud to work with the people who grow our food, build our economy, and serve our neighbors. We offer banking, mortgage, investment, wealth management, trust and insurance in Minnesota, North Dakota and Wisconsin.
Business Services
read moreAt Bremer Bank, we work alongside businesses of all sizes, nonprofits and farmers to evaluate the financial health of your business today and help you prepare for whatever tomorrow brings. We offer a wealth of business services to help you succeed. It's never too early to prepare for the future of your business. Our experienced wealth management advisors take a hands-on approach to assessing the financial health of your business and making recommendations for everything from potential growth opportunities to transition strategies.
Professional Services Banking Solutions
read moreAs a professional services firm, your product-and your greatest asset-is the talent you employ. This adds an element of unpredictability to the very thing that sets you apart. Front-end project costs can stymie cash flow when you need to staff up. Technology and equipment costs increase exponentially as you grow. Seasonal downturns make it difficult to predict revenue. Factor in industry-specific regulatory requirements and marketplace dynamics and things can get complicated quickly. Bremer Bank can help you manage all of it.
Personal Loans & Lines of Credit
read morePersonal loans give you flexibility to take more control over your finances. Prepare for the unexpected, cover overdraft mishaps or consolidate debt to simplify your budget - we can help you get access to the cash you need to do it all. With Anytime Credit, you'll have access to up to $4,999 you can use to take care of minor home repairs, cover unforeseen expenses or pay off credit cards. It also kicks in automatically to protect you from checking account fees. If your balance falls below zero, we'll deposit $500 into your account to prevent accidental overdrafts.
Personal Banking
read moreOpening a bank account is just the first step on a journey of endless possibilities. Maybe you want to buy a house or travel the world, or maybe you'd just like to have a little extra to spend the next time you're out with your friends. Wherever you go and whatever you do, you'll always have access to the personal banking options that fit your life. Your bank account will protect your hard-earned money and let you access it whenever you need it, so you can stop carrying checks and digging for loose change, and start saving up for life's next big adventure.
Business Banking Services
read moreI believe in service, going the extra mile. Once we get a customer, we keep them. They have no reason to go in a different direction - which is the same way I feel about working with Bremer Bank, because of their level of service to us. While we praise and thank our dedicated employees, we do not forget the backing of our friends at Bremer Bank. For the past 40 years, Bremer has believed in Vic's and supported its very large purchases of cranes, equipment and properties with a confidence that kept Vic's always moving forward.
Wealth Management Services
read moreWhen you have complex financial needs, it takes a team of knowledgeable, caring financial experts working for you. People who are there for you during life's ups and downs. People who can answer your questions and solve problems - even those you didn't know you had. Bremer Wealth provides so much more than sound financial advice, planning and management. We understand life's complexities and have the knowledge and empathy to help guide you through them. All the while, we're working to help you plan and manage your wealth, from day-to-day banking to investing and estate planning.
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