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Business Consultant in Boulder, CO Victory is a word that describes accomplishment and winning. The exact details of each person's victories come in all different forms. Business Victories is a Niwot, Colorado firm that is committed to assisting businesses and individuals achieve victory through business development! Cheri Ruskus - Author, Writer, Business Coach and Entrepreneur is the force behind Business Victories. Through her passion for business and assisting others towards their success she has created a range of services.

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read moreIf you don't know me yet, my name is Cheri Ruskus and I was bitten by the Entrepreneurial bug at the ripe age of 28. Over the course of the last three 3 decades I have felt the despair of defeat and the amazing glow that happens inwardly and outwardly when you reach victory. What I know to be true, and you probably do too if you have been doing it for any period of time, owning and operating a business is hard work! It's even harder when you continuously find yourself doing it alone. General how to answers from a Google search or over on You Tube are great tools but usually end up only being band-aids.
read moreThis program is designed for committed business owners who are ready to partner with a business coach/mentor and achieve long term solutions. If you are ready to put effective marketing and sales systems into place that insure the long-term growth, this program is for you. The Victory Program will give you the results you desire as together, we develop a unique strategy based on your business goals. Our premium program will give you access to the exact formula that Cheri Ruskus developed to thrive as an entrepreneur over the past 30+ years.
read moreJoin Cheri Ruskus (@victorygirl) as she shares helpful tips on how to grow your business. Enjoy interviews from guests around the world as we discover ways of finding the courage to be the difference and develop a strong business mindset for the modern marketing world.
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