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Pet Services & Supplies in Houston, TX We've been assisting refineries and chemical and petrochemical plants around the world improve their bottom line by eliminating unnecessary downtime by delivering all aspects of catalyst change out. We remove and replace spent catalyst from process vessels within the refining, chemical and petrochemical industries. Services include inert entry into confined spaces, catalyst screening and segregation of materials. Our trained specialists are focused on safety and clients and utilize equipment and processes to do the job right, any where, any time.

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read moreCat Tech Ltd is recognised as a world leader in the provision of Catalyst Handling services for the refining, chemical, petrochemical and processing industries. Safety is our number one priority and we are proud to own one of the best safety records and statistics in the industry. As well as leading the way in safety, we also believe in providing a best in class service for all our customers. After 45+ years of experience of specialising in catalyst handling, extensive research and development, we are now unloading and loading catalysts from processing units faster, safer and more economically than ever before.
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read moreDense loading is a technology that maximises catalyst performance and therefore the performance of the reactor itself. Commonly used in the petroleum refining and petrochemical industries. However, conventional Dense Loading methods have, at times, caused flow mal-distribution, differential pressure build-up, and other such problems stemming from catalyst damage resulting from uneven loading density or loading surface and poor loading machine performance. The operation of the equipment is also key, as you are only as good as the Technician operating it and having been in business for over 40 x years we have been witness to many of our customers receiving sub-standard dense loads from well-established operators and traditional equipment.
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