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College in Chicago, IL
College in Chicago, IL For more than 30 years, we have inspired students from across the country to think outside of the box when it comes to tapping into their talents and turning them into marketable assets in today's competitive job market.

We arefocused on preparing students with the education and confidence they need to pursue their potential in dynamic fields like fashion design, fashion merchandising, information technology, game design, video and animation production, multimedia and web design, and computer forensics. We train students to become creative problem-solvers with an industry-current understanding of how things work today and the foresight to imagine the possibilities of tomorrow.

Situated in the heart of the bustle of Chicago's famed State Street, IADT-Chicago's facilities include lecture rooms, drafting labs, design studios, sewing and pattern-making rooms, and computer labs. Students also can combine on-campus classes with online courses delivered by IADT-Online as part of IADT's blended learning option.

A competitive job market never stops passionate individuals from pursuing their dreams, and a professionally focused education can be an excellent way for you to build on your strengths, sharpen your skills and be prepared to carve out your identity in a diverse design community.

If you've got designs on tapping into your creative potential, your future can start right here. Welcome to IADT-Chicago!

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One North State Street
Chicago, IL
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Advertising Design & Communications
read moreThe field of Advertising Design and Communications provides diverse opportunities for creative professionals to use their talent and skills to help address business needs. At our academy, you can acquire a foundation of knowledge relevant to advertising agencies, marketing-communications companies and a host of other creative environments.

Students in IADT's advertising design and visual communications programs gain instruction from experienced professionals as they build the knowledge, confidence and skills to put their talent and imagination to work across a variety of professional arenas.

We provide both associate's and bachelor's degrees in the Advertising Design & Communications field.
Computer Forensics
read moreThe field of computer forensics requires the knowledge and skills to employ the technological tools and techniques necessary to properly preserve, extract and analyze digital evidence as well as to ensure the admissibility of evidence into court. Our students can learn the skills and techniques involved in identifying, preserving, recovering and analyzing digital evidence from computer, digital or electronic systems.

Students in IADT's computer forensics program have the opportunity to study with faculty members with relevant experience in the field, so they can learn from their instructors firsthand perspectives on general forensic procedures.

We provide a bachelor's degree in computer forensics.
Fashion Design
read moreFashion design is about more than sketches and runway shows. It's a field that requires an in-depth understanding of essential details such as apparel conceptualization, illustration, construction and marketing. Successful fashion-design professionals must also develop skills in predicting consumer behavior and trend forecasting.

The students in our fashion-design programs have the benefit of learning about these and other key topics from experienced professionals as they analyze the needs of the fashion industry and create a portfolio that showcases work representative of their creativity and technical expertise.

IADT offers associate's and bachelor's degrees in fashion design.
Film, Video & Animation Post Production
read moreToday's 3D animation and video production specialists need to keep their knowledge and skills current with the latest principles, techniques and tools related to digital media design and development. Our programs focus on helping students develop practical skills in the use of digital media graphics and technology.

Our students will have opportunities to explore technical and creative aspects of video, animation and audio. Courses are taught by IADT instructors with relevant work experience in the video and animation production industry, allowing students to share insiders' perspectives as they learn concepts, techniques and tools related to video and motion graphics, audio/video editing and 3D modeling and animation.

We provide associate's and bachelor's degrees in video and animation production.
Graphic Design
read moreGraphic design is a wide-ranging field requiring skilled professionals with a fundamental understanding of the role that form, function, creativity and critical viewpoint play in the creation of visual communications. Our students will be challenged to examine complex, multi-faceted commercial design problems and explore how to develop dynamic and innovative solutions.

The students will learn from experienced professionals who can help them acquire an understanding of the different elements of visual design and how to apply the basic elements of effective visual materials to the development, planning, production and presentation of print publications and web design.

IADT offers associate's and bachelor's degrees in graphic design and visual communications.
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