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Family Counselor in Citrus Heights, CA Services include marriage, family, personal, addictions of all sizes including internet addiction, depression, childhood sexual trauma, sexual disorder and addiction, anger, loss of hope and crisis counseling. Christian Hope provides both in-person and nationwide phone counseling by appointment. The cost of a phone or in-person counseling session is built on a sliding scale. See COST. Pastor Craig has a Doctorate of Christian Counseling - Theological Studies degree from Cornerstone University.

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Christian Hope Counseling
read moreWe're arguing more, and the children are around - listening to the rude words we say to each other. How is this affecting them? As your personal counselor, let me come into your marriage or challenging circumstances and guide you. I have a deep understanding of scripture, and through it, I can show you how to overcome depression and anxiety. We've all heard stories of couples who drifted away from God and then drifted away from each other. Reconnecting with the Holy Spirit, who restores marriages, helps those couples to recreate their lives.
About Us
read moreMegan, her eyes welling up with tears, started: "We've hardly spoken to each other since last weekend; and, Dr. Craig, you are our last hope." I assured them I am quite familiar with the difficulty of resolving conflict and that I could help them if they truly wanted to make changes. I briefly introduced myself. I fully expected their emotions to be at a high intensity level. I told them I have been counseling for 20 years and have helped many people who have told me I was their last hope. Often your marriage or relationship is dangling, and communication between the two of you has come to an abrupt stop.
read moreDr. Craig has been an amazing counselor. From Biblical applications to marriage, to teaching about communication in relationships, D. Craig has helped during a very difficult season in life. A sympathetic and caring ear, Dr. Craig won't sugar coat anything but if you're willing to listen and take his advice, you'll be amazed at what can happen. Truly life changing! Dr. Craig has definitely been an answer to prayer. I have worked with Dr. Brewick for over 2 years now and I've had a wonderful breakthrough in my life.
Opening up and Sharing Hard Truths
read moreAs Morgan* enters the counseling room and sits down, I immediately notice her face is drawn and tight. Something really intense is going on inside her mind. Her intake form said she was a sales representative at a large computer software firm. She was on her way up the corporate ladder, and everything was going well for her in her career. But not in her personal life. After an opening prayer, I ask "What's going on?" I usually start with an open-ended question so my clients can decide where THEY want to start.
Individual Therapy
read moreLife can be difficult, and you may be worried about your business or having to telecommute to the office. One of my clients, a high-ranking officer in the military, is concerned about how he is going to make his pathway to the promotion he seeks. One man wants to use his advanced degree to relocate but can't seem to figure out where and how. A businesswoman who runs a small business is fighting the stress of feeling all alone with her problems. Once we've identified the stress, we begin the process of looking for ways to respond to the stress to relieve you of the fears and maybe underlying anger.
Frequently Asked Questions
read moreIt's at Ascension Lutheran Church located inside a neighborhood near I-80 and Antelope Road. It's about 20 minutes from anywhere in the Sac area. A few minutes longer if you're driving from Los Angeles. If you leave a message after 9 pm, I probably will not call - because I don't want to wake up the baby. You'll know the answer when you can turn the corner and use what you've learned every day. We will probably need between 6 and 12 sessions. Please contact me 48 hours in advance by phone, text, or email.
Couples in Crisis
read moreFinancial burdens could be stretching you both thin. When you start to make a dent in your debt, something new comes along and wipes out your progress. I've seen many clients who are just walking through the fog - unfocused and exhausted. With the help of God, we begin to break the problems down into individual events and what we can begin to do differently from what hasn't been working. Before we roll up the sleeves, I like to ask general questions about your life and generally what is going on.
Marriage Counseling
read moreChristian Hope Counseling with Rev. Dr. Craig Brewick has been helping people for 20 years. There is a sliding scale with appointments often available in the week that you call. Read on about how my counseling works with the help of God. Oliver interjected, When we do have conversations, she explodes! She has a volatile temper, and several times she has packed up and left for days on end! When she comes back, there is calm; but eventually she goes off the rail, and we end up in an enormous battle.
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