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Auto Repair in Roanoke, VA The 1st Cottman Transmission Center was set up in 1962. Now, with 100's of locations from coast-to-coast throughout the US and Canada, Cottman Transmission is America's Transmission Specialist. All Cottman Transmission Centers adhere to a strict code of ethics, ensuring that our client's vehicles are repaired speedily, economically and efficiently. Cottman's Service Philosophy is the reason why millions of clients have trusted us to repair their vehicle's transmissions over the past four plus decades.

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1474 Peters Crk Road Northwest
Roanoke, VA
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Cottman Transmissions
read moreWe also offer these services to fleet and commercial accounts. Our technicians recognize the importance of your car's speedy recovery and work diligently to expedite the repair process in hopes of making your day less taxing. We specialize in transmission repair and services for cars, trucks and RVs, both foreign and domestic. Check Engine light on or comes on occasionally? No problem:Our highly trained technicians are well versed in thelatest computer diagnosis and repair. They'll analyze yourcar's computer system and find exactly what's wrong, to getyou back on the road.
About Us
read moreWhether you just had your transmission rebuilt or your car is still fairly new you probably want to make sure your transmission will last a long time. Finally, bring your car to your nearby Cottman center at least every couple years and have your transmission checked regularly. The transmission physicians there will check your fluid level and condition and make sure your transmission is operating the way it should and, if they notice something a little off, they'll let you know what you need while it's still small and inexpensive to fix.
AC Service
read moreChances are, the last thing you need is someone explaining why you need your car's air conditioning to work right. You know what your A/C is for: All you need to do is slide behind the wheel after your car's been parked in the sun on a hot day. But there are a lot more reasons to have your car's A/C system serviced than simply keeping it cool inside. That's because, to work properly, your A/C system depends on a lot of other systems to be in good condition. For example, a working A/C system adds a lot of heat under the hood.
Automatic Transmission Repair
read moreThe term "automatic transmission" means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. But to you it generally means just one thing: put it in gear and go. No shifting gears. That's because automatic transmission is a broad term to describe a lot of different systems built since the late '40s. Back then, an automatic transmission often had only two speeds: low and high. They didn't provide a lot of power and they weren't all that efficient. But they were easy to drive, because they decide when to shift.
Manual Transmission Repair
read moreThe term standard transmission comes from a time when an automatic transmission was an option that you had to pay extra for when you bought the car. The manual came "standard." And stick shift? Isn't that one obvious? Whatever you'd like to call them, the manual transmission enjoyed a resurgence a few years ago, when gas prices took their historic rise. That's because most people believe that a manual transmission is generally more efficient than an automatic. Unfortunately for those folks who went out and bought new cars with manual transmissions, that's really no longer the case.
Brake Services
read moreFunny thing about cars. They generally have one purpose: to get you from here to there. But almost everyone will tell you that the most important system in those cars is the brake system. And not much wonder: When you're behind the wheel of a projectile, hurtling through space at 40 MPH, the one thing you want to be sure of is that you have the ability to bring it to a stop. But for that to work effectively, all four wheels have to do their share of applying friction. If one wheel takes on too much load, it can lock up and skid.
Auto Repair Services
read moreThe trained and certified technicians at your local Cottman center can identify the problem your car is having quickly. They are familiar with all parts of a wide range of vehicles, and know how to identify your car's symptoms in orderto guide them to the root cause of the problem. So, when you bring your car to your nearby Cottman center with any range of auto repair problems, you can be sure that you'll never pay for work that isn't necessary. You'll only pay for legitimate procedures and necessary repairs.
Transmission Repair Rebuild Service
read moreYour nearby Cottman center's technicians know all about the latest transmission control systems, and they know how to weed out those external problems that can seem like a bad transmission. Which means, when you bring your all wheel drive transmission problem to your local Cottman center, you'll never pay for a new transmission unless you really need one. That's our promise to you. Should your check engine light come on, it is important that you have it diagnosed immediately. In today's cars, the computer monitors every system in the car and will turn on the check engine light when it detects a problem.
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