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Mental Health Services in Houston, TX If you are trying to find a psychologist or therapist, please consider that the advantage of being treated by a physician such as Dr. Covert with medical training as opposed to anyone else in the mental health field is that underlying medical causes of psychiatric disorders can be recognized, investigated and corrected. Dr. Covert delivers both emergency and long-term, direct, one-on-one psychiatric care. He will not delegate your treatment to others!

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Houston Psychiatric Services for
read moreWe are able to provide the latest and most advanced computerized psychological and occupational testing right here in our Houston offices. Having this in-house capability speeds accurate diagnosis and enhances the efficiency and efficacy of your treatment. We provide a full range of psychiatric services including individual outpatient psychotherapy, group psychotherapy, medical biofeedback training and referral for hospitalization when necessary. Your care will not be delegated to non-medically trained psychiatric nurses or physician assistants.
Child & Adolescent ADHD Screening
read moreUp to 20% of children and adolescents in the United States have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder of either the inattentive, the hyperactive or the combined type. Approximately 50% of children and adolescents outgrow their condition in mid to late adolescence, but many carry it over into adulthood. Undiagnosed and untreated ADHD can create later difficulties with depression, substance abuse or difficulty with academic achievement and occupational performance and advancement. It is important that you seek management of this condition from an experienced psychiatrist.
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