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Drain Services in Sandy, UT
Drain Services in Sandy, UT Dan the Man Plumbing. Will supply a quality service, in a timely manner, using a considerate approach to all our clients requirements. We'll listen carefully by responding to our clients with an honest estimate of the work to be performed. Our technician will use integrity while working in your home or place of business, and supply you with a reliable service, always keeping in consideration that our clients are our finest asset! With out you we wouldn't be here!

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Sandy, UT
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read moreDan the Man Plumbing, Inc. specializes in handling all your plumbing needs with a strong emphasis on quality and professionalism. We are concerned with the cleanliness of your home, as well as being around your family. We will always present a clean image and a well groomed technician.
Plumbers Salt Lake City Utah
read moreAs a licensed, bonded and insured plumbing company we take pride in our quality of work and offer many plumbing services that include: toilet, shower and bathtub repairs, sewer services, gas piping, tankless and traditional repair or replacement, drain clearing and repair, leaks from multiple locations, faucet replacement and repairs as well as full remodeling installation. We value your time and want to help you understand all of your replacement or repair options that best meet your needs. Minor plumbing problems are usually solved with a plunger or snake tool; however, you may have a need for professional Plumbers in Salt Lake City Utah.
Plumbers Salt Lake City UT
read moreMost renters and homeowners have at least a few essential tools when minor plumbing emergencies arise such as a plunger or a drain snake. If you have tried to tackle small repairs without any luck then it may be time for professional attention. Plumbers in Salt Lake City UT are here to help you resolve leaking toilets or slow drains that lead to much bigger problems down the line. We have older communities that now require more attention and extensive repairs that lead all the way out to the sewer pipes which fall on the responsibility of the property owner.
Water Heaters Utah
read moreWith so many water heater options available, how do you know which would be a good fit for you? Based on your budget, water usage and lifestyle, you can choose from tankless or traditional types which both have pros, cons and trade offs which is why we are here to help you make an educated decision. Water Heaters in Utah either store and preheats 30-50 gallons of water or heats it on demand rather than storing it which can make a huge difference in how and when the water gets used. With traditional options they have lower initial cost and are easy and inexpensive to replace but have a shorter life and increase your utility bill.
Sandy Plumbing
read moreFinding a certified licensed and local plumber is the best possible option for the needs of you and your home. Reputation is so important to us along with having the necessary experience to correctly diagnose minor and major plumbing problems all while saving you valuable time and money. Sandy Plumbing problems can be handled with same day service and provide you with immediate assistance before a problem can grow into a disaster. We understand the investment you have made in purchasing a home and what has to be done to keep the property livable and prevent thousands of dollars worth of plumbing repairs and replacement.
Salt Lake City Plumbing
read moreMost of us are probably guilty of ignoring minor plumbing problems that become much larger issues down the line which could be the reason why you are now looking for Salt Lake City Plumbing resolutions. Let's face it; a dripping faucet is all too common these days and the one thing that we all think we can do ourselves without professional help. Hidden trouble spots can hide bigger blockages that are responsible for triggering the smaller problems that initially can be seen as easily solvable. Repairs can be tedious and time consuming if you are not aware of where and how to look for the main problem that is causing you to need plumbing repair services.
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